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Hello, Headphones/ portable amp questions.

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Hi all. ive read tons on this forum, made 1 purchase because of it :D. ( i can only say more to come)

Any how So i have the Sony' mDr xb700s Cool headphones nice bass, But directly into a ipod or sansa, not super good.


Any how WHen i plug them into my mixer and crank the bass up. it suits my needs.

To be Brief, im looking for possibly a new set of cans/possibly a bass heavy portable amp. 


 i was considering the Beyerr DT 150s, I love rugged, old lookin headphones. But does these have less role off on the bass than the Sonys??  and Do They possibly need a amp for portable use.

I also Lust for a more stage like, CLub like feel. the sonys provide this. Any more info Let me know?

Im  heavy bass head :D i Love when  I can hear 40hz- 25hz :D

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the dt150 is a 250-ohm headphone.  so, in essence, only able to be properly driven by mains power - a.k.a plug into the wall power.

it is a serious studio monitor type headphone.  it may look cool and all, but i don't think it's what you're after.


i don't know much about the xb700, but i feel like you may be able to make significant gains in headphone land, depending on your budget.


if you are looking for serious bass quantity, and want a vintage looking set of cans, that can also be driven by an ipod pretty decently, i might suggest the beyerdynamic dt770 pro/80.


the Denon ah-d2000 or ah-d1001 will inevitably come up as well.  i've never heard them.  but are supposed to have BASS.


also look at Ultrasone headphones.  not sure exactly which would suit you best as i'm completely unfamiliar with them.


also, there are TONS of threads here similar to yours.  just search "bass lovers headphone" or something like that.  you'll be overwhelmed...


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Yeah i know about the basslovers. i have read. and read. Im kinda of an outcast,, I like Decent Sound Stage with Some Pounding bass, Comparble to speakers.. and Nice Comfy With a beefy Build/ Old Look, maybe actually OLD.



I have 3 12 inch subs and 2000 watt amp So i know what bass is :D Just want it portable

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