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Studio headphones.. any recomendation?

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Hi, this is my first post here...
I'm studying Sound engineering and i have no idea about headphones hehe..

I've not got too much to spend (arround 200, 300 dollars)... some people recommended me the sennheiser hd 380 pro, but i've read here that they aren't too good..

thanks :)

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Beyer DT250, DT48?

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^ those.  Or Shure SRH840.  I owned the Shures and Beyers and both were very very good- the DT250 seem more accurate (250 ohm are said to sound best, but they need an amp to really shine) and the SRH840 have amazing detail but are little bass-heavy.  People with extensive headphone experience really love the DT48 but I haven't heard those.  If you're in a big city go to a meetup, you'll probably encounter at least one of those.  

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Ahh, great..

i've thought about the SRH840's, but as i didn't know anyone who ownes it.. i started searching in other places...
Are the SRH840's closed?
As i live in a very noisy place (where i have to make most of the mixes) i thought that closed ones would be better...

And about the DT's i didn't know them.. i'll make a little research..

Sorry for my english :)

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I like the Beyer dt250 but I think the akg k240DF may be even more flat/neutral. You will need a dedicated amp or an audio interface with an amp to drive them though. A lot of people like the k271 but I haven't heard them myself.

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Yeah, they're closed :) And yes, you'll want closed ones. Look into the Beyer DT models, they're very good for what you need.

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search.  there's a million of these threads and you'll get more responses from searching.

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My top 3 choices would be the 240DF/CD900ST/DT48e. These three are reference grade studio monitoring headphones.. For mixing I'd recommend somthing a long the line of the 701/2 or DT880.

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I'll be searching for a while then; i have to study all those headphones....


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Just enjoy the ride & use the search function on this site..

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Another vote for Beyer.

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I have a two friends, each of whom runs a recording studio in the area I live in. By this I mean, an operating business in its own building, and not a basement hobby studio.


Invariably they rely on AKG K240, or similar cans. Picture a wall with a rack with a few pairs of K240's ready for use.


The K240’s are an industry standard. Keep in mind that the studio application is quite different than home listening. Some audiophile headphones may outperform studio cans on certain criteria, but by and large the studios choose something that is not too expensive, has clear sound, is reliable, and can be used for fairly high sound pressures when needed.


I have never seen anything like an HD800 anywhere near a mixing board, never mind on someone’s head during recording. In addition to good sound, look for cans that have removable cables, can be plugged into a mains powered amp, have replaceable parts, are easily serviced by the user, are comfortable, can be modified easily as needed, etc.


I would suggest going to a music supply store in your area to shop. Stay away from audiophile places. They overcharge for almost everything, and the places that sell guitars and recording gear can get pretty much anything you like, but for prices that are typically much closer to OEM.

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My vote goes for the shure Srh840's. They are used for monitoring and mixing, well balanced and detailed. 

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Another vote for the Beyerdynamic DT250.

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Get an AKG K240 M.  They can be found on ebay or the sale threads on this site.  Also I reccommend the AKG K271 MK II.

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