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There are things that I like about FW 2.02 better and things that I like about the newer FW better.  2.02 is more "natural/easygoing" up top but lacks some impact and seemingly, extension down low.  The newer firmware is more dynamic/lively but with HD800 & depending upon tubes I can find it edgy up top.


PSA has said that the big difference in the original 2.02/3 and the modern firmware is a streamline of the code and process time.  Ie. 2.02 had higher jitter which in turn means less focus,less immediate.  Jitter is one of the those interesting things in that high jitter is bad but small changes to relatively low jitter can fine tune focus and immediacy.  I like razor sharp edges to my music re-production, some may prefer fuzzier lines that are still distinct.

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Apparently Android Lollipop natively supports supports USB audio out.  Has anyone tried hooking up their phone or tablet to the PWD?  I'm hoping my phone will get Lollipop in the next few weeks and am itching to try it out.

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Checking in, if anyone would like one...I have a FS ad. Problem with embedding link, so: http://www.head-fi.org/t/756743/ps-audio-perfectwave-dac-mk-i-mk-ii
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Does anyone still have the 2.02 or 2.03 firmware they could send me? I just got my perfectwave and have been experimenting with firmware versions. Thanks!
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Post a request on the PS Audio Forum and they will help you out.

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Thanks! I think I found a firmware version I like but I'll do that!
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But if you need/want anything else, we will help you out there.

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