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Might as well ask here too....

Can anyone help me figure out why JRiver quit seeing my PWD with the Bridge?
It was woking last week, but not now. 

On a Mac, hard wired from the router to the Bridge. Other servers and software are working so the path to the DAC is working. If someone thinks they can help, I'll go into greater detail. 


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Vvery happy with 2.4.6.
Also, where I liked the 44.1 SR previously, NativeX now sounds best in my system.
And normal polarity most of the time.
WELL DONE! – in fact, I'd love to hear 2.4.6 against the DirectStream.
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Stereophile jsut placed the DirectStream in Class A+

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Have any of you guys tried out the Nuwave Phono Converter?

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So I joined the club. Only listened to one album so far on my emotiva 6s but I can already tell it's better than my Oppo 105D. I don't even know what firmware version it is yet let alone listen to my hd800s. Guess that happens tomorrow!

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How long does the logo button blink when updating firmware?
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Just a couple of minutes.

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Thanks. The sd card that it came with died. I got a new one at RadioShack and it finally worked smily_headphones1.gif

Where can I find info on the filters presets?
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I have the PWD running 2.02 and was wondering if anyone compared the Astell & Kern Ak100 as a transport vs using a PC with Jriver? Curious to see if it will be an improvement.

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