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If you are using a pre-amp then yes leave it at 100 assuming it isn't too hot for the pre-amp being used.  But straight to a power amp or powered monitor... 100 is awful loud ;)


I run at 70 now that I use iems only because 100 is too hot for the few steps I have to play with on GS-X.

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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

Of course I read it. , honestly I tried if at many volumes to hear a change. .was it was recommended by Paul and others to,leave it at 100. Did you read that part ?


You mean where Paul says...


Paul McGowan January 9, 2014

I am a big fan of using the digital volume control if it is done correctly as ours is. If the system sounds better with a preamp in (as mine does in one sound room, but not the other) it is most likely because of the euphonic additions wrought by the preamp.


But like you and Paul say it comes down to user preference.  

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No not preference. People should know
The trials of digital volume attention.
And by the way your good with math so why not help others
Understand what they could be loosing
Instead of trying to prove me wrong.
As whole we are both right but still you are not helping others read here and understand
As users here use the volume control in Foobar or jriver
And there DAC and there integrated amp
All together. Is this correct or do you need me tondo the math
To give you an answer. Help others not me
I am way to far gone to be helped LOL

Relax and let's go listen to some relaxing music

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I do not notice any drop in Sq in the 60-100 range on my Kgsshv and sr009s. I was very interested of this for various reasons over several rig combinations, but it was never an issue at all at anything above 60. At low volumes yes, it is very slightly noticeable, that is lower than 40.
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Ok cool to know. I did hear things sooner but with speakers and playing loudly .

And thanks for testing it .

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My new PWD MKII is running with firmware 243. Playback (music) briefly stutters when changing tracks having different sample rates. Anyone else here have similar experience? Thanks.

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I would put a post up at ps audio , you will get a dsd response. Also include how you are using the pwdmkii as in USB i2s or what ever. . It does sound like to me the CPU you are using thogh. It it I slow to hand shack the track info .
Also native x or not and depict exactly what you are doing to mKe it happen.
But I am guessing.

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Thanks. I'll try posting at PS Audio, although despite registering there--continue having problems logging in the forums..

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I did have issues too. Make a new name and pass word or email Paul CEO . You also need a name and password for each forum. . Meaning community , Paul's post,s and so on. I have no idea why. I made all of mine the same. .

Good luck if not PM me what the issue is and circumstance. And I will post it for you and the results.

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Thanks Al. I reinstalled the firmware and USB driver and stuttering problem is now gone. I've given up on posting on the PS Audio forums. I get the following message each time I try to sign up to a forum "User registration is currently not allowed". I'll contact PS Audio via email about this.

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Does anyone know how to DIY convert PWD2 voltage from 120V to 230V? I have an 120V DAC and using it with a voltage transformer, but I think it's best to have the correct voltage directly inside the DAC.


I have done a bit of looking inside and reading and I suspect it is quite simple to convert the voltage, but I'd appreciate any feedback or additional info.


In these pics here, I suspect this is a 230V wiring:




Notice the red jumper wire connecting pin 2 and 3 on the green colour terminal block

In my DAC which is 120V wired I have 2 jumper wires, connecting pin 1 to 3 and pin 2 to 4.


I suspect the conversion 120V to 230V is as simple as taking out the two jumper wires and connecting one wire as in the pictures to pin 2 and 3.


Is anyone able to confirm?

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Post on ps audio forum.
Best way to know if it can be done
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I've just done that. Let's see: http://www.psaudio.com/forum/#/discussion/6646/pwd2-voltage-conversion-120v-230v


In terms of getting it done, it's for sure doable. They state so on the PS Audio website. But they will ask you to contact a dealer for the change who will charge you 200$ or similar local currency. If the dealer can do it, it must be simple and I bet it can't involve any soldering or anything complex.

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Perhaps a silly question:


Will DSD format music play on PWD II? I go from MAC > Audirvana + > PWD. I know if it did it wold be as PCM.

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Originally Posted by Saraguie View Post

Perhaps a silly question:


Will DSD format music play on PWD II? I go from MAC > Audirvana + > PWD. I know if it did it wold be as PCM.


If Audirvana plays DSD on the Mac, it will convert to PCM if the DAC doesn't support DSD.  It does that for the internal DAC > headphone out as well.

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