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To your point, I just bought a brand new one yesterday at a great price, to be delivered tomorrow, and will wait to or if update until expected DS bugs get worked out!
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When dealers are able to sell the DirectStream DAC, the street price for this new DAC will be about 30% or more off MSRP. So the trade in deals aren't much of a deal IMO.
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Originally Posted by SteveM324 View Post

When dealers are able to sell the DirectStream DAC, the street price for this new DAC will be about 30% or more off MSRP. So the trade in deals aren't much of a deal IMO.


I will get one and keep my PWD2 once you can get them for a discount through a dealer.
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Originally Posted by boatheelmusic View Post

PS Audio PWD II now $1,995 new at their site.


Use as is now, then get upgrade kit for $2,995 or trade in or get $2,000 credit later.


It's $1995 until the run out of a limited supply, and it's discontinued. I think you guys should jump on the $2K price, don't upgrade, and then lose PS Audio's phone number to avoid temptation...


Also their site is misleading because it's showing the new DAC as $3995 on the main page, but when you click on it to get to the DAC page then it's $5995 unless you take the $2K trade-in.

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So... What are you guys doing with the old parts when you gut them for the upgrade? An enclosure, connectors and a touch LCD screen would be all you need, right?

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Yes. And I am thinking
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BTW, here is an awesome guide how to setup gapless streaming with the bridge using foobar2000 and control via headless remote app using either iOS or android:

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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

The product not only sounds amazing and cheap compared to 30 k dacs , but makes all inputs sound the same as well as not having to use expensive cables anymore. A cheap rats hack cable sounds the same as audio quest diamond that cost 750 . Usd. That is ground breaking. To me. .


They said the Digital Lens (NativeX) would make all inputs into the PW MK2 sound the same, which was baloney. And I guess this seems like a bargain if you are comparing it to the excess of a $30K DAC (which is probably depreciating more each year than the full retail price of the Direct Stream) but PS Audio with this launch has left me feeling less like I own a finished product than a high cost annual subscription to their "DAC of the month" club.

Also, before selling your expensive cables for Radio Shack's budget line, remember that PS Audio tends to over promise and under deliver. Yes, the upgraded MK1 to MK2 DAC was a step up from the MK1, but the Bridge sounded lousy, new production MK2s didn't sound anywhere near as good as upgraded MK1s, and most of their firmware "upgrades" were sonic downgrades.
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When using my offramp the native x must remain off as the offramp does the heavy lifting . I never owned a Pwd mkii. . Imowned the bridge and the offramp best that easily .

So I figure the new dac will best the offramp. At that point it's really good dac worth much more than it's asking price. So as I a not looking to disagree but I do hear things a little different . But we all have our opinions . Do you use the Pwd with headphones or speakers . And what firmware are u using ?

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As an FYI to any lurkers sitting on the fence the PWD2 is now $2495 and...


The PerfectWave DAC has been discontinued and replaced by the DirectStream DAC.


Four left, get them while you still can.  Guessing the price went up after owners of the MK2 collectively went ape **** on PS for trashing their resale value ;)

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I'm a new PWD MKII owner. The PWD was furnished with firmware v 2.4.1, which sounded great. But eventually I updated to 2.4.3 as recommended by PS Audio, which IMO is a downgrade in sound quality. Anyone else here have similar experience? Thanks.

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Hello I own the Pwd mkii. I use 243. But I use an offramp on one of I2S Inputs. It sounds pretty good.
Do you have a bridge inside the unit. ?

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I don't have the bridge. I'm using USB input only for now. I was hesitant in buying the bridge after reading about the problems others were having with its implementation. Thanks.
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If you do not own a bridge do not buy one. , at some point in the future they will have a bridge 2 and hopefully this one will be fine.

Now I did read that the Pwd sounds better with the bridge inside but not using it. As I do not have one I cannot comment. I am using the 243 and that is what has been shipping with the dac. Also how do you connect it to your amp.
How is the volume control being implemented in your system.

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I am new owner of PWD MKII too, got it just few days back. Using it USB->MKII_>Emo UPA-200 (power amp)->HE-6, and it sounds great. I need do EQ a bit, but I am happy with it.


I am wondering if I am missing an Premap, not sure if the output volts from MKII RCA output is ideal match for power amps which has input sensitivity of 1.1 V (for full output; 8 ohms).  I have read that output volts of MKII can be change using remote, but not sure how to do that. 


Please suggest if I can change the output volts on MKII, if yes what should be appropriate output volts.

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