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Originally Posted by Kiatchai View Post

Dear Larry headphone addict,

    I am now trying to use the J River media to playback music from my collection via PC.

    Could you elaborate more in steps, using the bridge to help the digital out for the PC


     What kind of extra gadgets to use? I like those with the better or best quality

I still don't own the PWD and have been following this blog for some time.  If the bridge

turns out to be a good one I will purchase one.

     I also have a collection of music : half of them in PC itunes, and in Mac itunes, how

can I do with that?

     Will the Perfect Wave DAC has 3 pin XLR out, What is the power because I am

considering to get the Beta 22 to use with those difficult can e.g. HE6

      Do we need the ipad or  minimac to do this or just use my PC which is very close

about 2-3 m from the main rigs


Originally Posted by jc9394 View Post

You need a Twonky or similar media server, a simple DLNA NAS will do to.  I don't have any iTunes specific media, so I'm not sure it will work or not.  PWD have both RCA and XLR out and I believe the output voltage is 2V.  An iPad/iTouc/iPhone will enable you to control it remotely but is not needed.


The Bridge is as good as the PWT , it is better than my S7700 when I feed FLAC to it.

Like jc9394 says, you need a music server - either as a program loaded on your PC, or on a NAS hard drive (I believe J River does that on a PC).  You would connect the PC and the PWD Bridge to the same ethernet router, for them to talk with each other and allow the PC to transmit the music to the PWD.  The PWD has a strong 2v output, so it should be strong enough to get good output out of your Beta 22.  I don't know if the B22 is a good match with HE-6, and I would wait for more reviews.  I didn't like the Prototype HE-6 with Asr's single ended B22, as it sounded a little to the cold side of neutral with that amp.  I don't know how the production HE-6 will respond to the B22.


I use Twonky on my iMac and a LaCie NAS, and I can choose which to listen to when I want.  I only keep my lossless ALAC and FLAC plus 24/96 FLAC on the NAS, so when I use it with the PWD I don't have to see the 500 albums of MP3 that my kids have in the iTunes library.  The kids use Twonky on their Macbooks to access all their music on the iMac.  If you don't use an iPod touch/iPhone/iPad to control the music playback and direct it to the PWD Bridge, then you need to install controller software on the PC.  I don't know anything about J River Media because I use a Mac, so I don't know it's capabilities.  I think I read that it is a uPnP or DLNA server, which would suffice.  But I don't know if it's also a controller.  You need to make sure that it will redirect the audio output from the PC to the Bridge.  Otherwise it will still output sound on your PC and not the Bridge.


In my case, my Twonky media server does not act as a controller to send music to the PWD Bridge.  I can log into my Twonky server media player via web browser with my Macbook, and play music on the device that I am logged in with, but I can't redirect the audio output to the PWD Bridge from the Mac.  I have to use the iPad/iPhone to select the music, server and destination (one could pick up a used Touch for $150 or less to use as a controller).  


With Twonky I can select a multiple folders to be served, so I select my "iTunes" library folder which is in my shared users data folder on Mac, and I select my "Music" folder where I keep a bunch of FLAC 24/96 files that don't go in iTunes.  This would be similar to what you want, and you can keep your music spread out over multiple folders and still serve it all as one big chunk of music together.  J River should be able to do that for you.

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Well, I sold my PWD.  It's definitely NOT because I didn't like it; it's actually a terrible story and now I really regret letting it go, especially for the price I ended up getting for it :(


I haven't owned tons of DACs like some on these boards, but I've had at least enough to tell when one is something special.  The PWD is definitely one of these DACs.  I would say this even though it wasn't the ideal source for some of my listening scenarios. ...


The PWD by no means perfect; the screen doesn't seem all that necessary, it's probably twice the size as it needs to be, the USB is not asynchronous, and the network bridge is a very expensive proposition(haven't tried it myself).  If you do some digging you may find many of our senior members here who really enjoy this source and I'm going to say that all of its praise is fully well deserved.  For me I fed it with a Halide Bridge (NOT to be confused with the PWD Bridge) asynch USB converter, it turns out the pairing was a very good combo and I'm glad I made the expensive leap of faith for both pieces.


In retrospect this DAC just sounds right.  It made recordings sound significantly more alive and brought forth more details than I've heard from anything else; needless to say it was a very refreshing experience to hear in my setup. Although it's a very expensive piece of gear for most in this hobby, myself included, I think I will do my damndest to get another one sometime in the near future.  The PWD is just that good.

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It's too bad you had to let it go, but I think we'll all start seeing increasingly good DACs at lower price points.

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Thanks Monkey, for the record I picked up a Parasound DAC 1600HD, but I still feel the same about the PWD being THE dac to get!  I also decided to copy my above post in the review section for the PWD so hopefully someone will find it useful.

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Hope you will be back soon.  The PWD certainly takes my WA22 and HD800 to another level.

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sneis View Post

Thanks Monkey, for the record I picked up a Parasound DAC 1600HD...

Good score.  How does it compare?

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Damn it Monkey! Never Ever ask a question like that!


The last thing we (As PWD owners) want to hear is how a ten year old DAC compares.



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I know I know, I need help. smily_headphones1.gif

Can someone explain the sonic differences in the PWD's filters in plain English.
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HAHA I was thinking that same thing when reading about the filters.  I ended up leaving it all at stock auto setting and couldn't have been happier.


So far I've not had a lot of time with the 1600 but it doesn't sound nearly as good as the PWD at lower volume IMO.  I'm not sure if it's a mental thing or the fact that's it's a different piece of gear, but the 1600 doesn't seem to start sound its best until I turn up the amp for moar volumes; my brain asks for more bass impact :)

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Just asking, is $1800 a good price for this? I rather like the WM8741 honestly. 

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Is this a private seller?  Where are you getting this price?  I sold mine for $1750 and would re-buy at $1800 in a heartbeat, but I am a whack job.

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There are few on Agon for around that price.
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But it's silver !

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