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Originally Posted by jc9394 View Post

Reset upnp server from here. Enter the IP address of bridge in safari



Yes I know. Done that many times. All firmware & software is the most current. 

It's the app. 

If you want to read the story

Re: my last post over there, it worked for a short while never again, 

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Mine did exactly the same as yours. My solution was to use foobar2000 to make an additional copy of the albums I want to play gapless as a single file and add a (Gapless) to the album title with MP3Tag. It takes up a bit more HDD space, but allows you to play gapless over the bridge without any issues.
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Anyone here able to advise whether importing one of these from the US for use in NZ (240V) via a stepdown transformer is a good idea or not?

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I cannot see why not , but I would contact ps audio and ask them. It is not just a sw in the back as I would of thought. Also put up a post in the os audio forums as well.

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Originally Posted by Senn-Fi View Post


Mine did exactly the same as yours. My solution was to use foobar2000 to make an additional copy of the albums I want to play gapless as a single file and add a (Gapless) to the album title with MP3Tag. It takes up a bit more HDD space, but allows you to play gapless over the bridge without any issues.


I've seen that suggestion before.

I'm on a Mac so Foobar is out, but I'm sure there is a Mac program that can do the same. Just can't think of any at the moment.

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I discovered just a few days after I got my PWD Mk2 back from being upgraded 3 months ago, that the eLyric App for iPhone was subsequently updated and it quit working. I only got to use the Mk2 upgrade for a couple of days before the app update broke it.


The eLyric 2.1 or 2.1.1 iPhone app crashes immediately after it loads - it started with version 2.1, while 2.09 was okay. I always save the old versions of apps, and re-installed 2.0.9 and it still works last time I checked.


Is POS Audio still not working on a fixed app?

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PS - my PWD is running 2.4.1 and sounds marvelous - no need to change anything there right now.

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But have you tried it. You always can go back if you wish. Paul from ps audio ships his units with it and advises all to use it. It is not a must we all do what we wish.

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First off the e lyric is done not supported anymore. But no bog deal. Do you have a bridge or use jriver. They have remote. It's 10 bucks but works great.

Ask me questions I should be able to help you. But the best place to go is ps audio forums you can get accurate fast answers. It's a great forum for there products.

My e lyric stopped when I updated the bridge months ago. But only with the bridge otherwise it works.

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I am using two servers for my music - Twonky Server on the iMac, and a LaCie NAS with a uPNP/DLNA server built-in. The iMac has 100% of my music, and the NAS has a copy of my favorites (about 1/2 my music library).  I beta tested the eLyric server but it wasn't being upgraded quickly enough in the early days and I moved on.  Having to re-boot to get changes to take effect wasn't reasonable.


I have been using eLyric Apps to select which server (LaCie or Twonky) and which target DAC (PWD) to use, and then choose my music to listen to with eLyric App.  


I don't have a clue where jRiver would come into this, but I suspect it would replace Twonky Server on the iMac, right?  That doesn't solve the issue of wanting to listen to music on the PWD that sits on the LaCie NAS, in times that the iMac is not available, or does it?


Why do you guys say that eLyric is dead, when it's integral to the proper use of an over $4,000 DAC and Bridge?  There was an implied contract there to supply the software to use with it.

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This is interesting, apparently I bought an alpha copy of Jriver Media Center for Mac when it was introduced for half price, and forgot all about it...  I need to read up on that now.

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Yes and it's not dead . It's just not getting any future updates . And although the ps audio site is great , if yours stops working cause of changing your setup it most likely not work. As for the remote control you are correct the CPU is still the server for jriver. But is you use minum server it's not and the iPad does all the pointing to the nas. . Honestly I had so much trouble with my bridge I sold it. So I use and offramp connected to my PC and i2s from offramp to the Pwd
I use jriver remote to control and I canoeing to all my music servers . It works fine and sounds better than the bridge or PWT. And PWT is up for sale too. Now if you have it working that's fine . But me and whole lot of others is does not.

I spent hours trying to make it work with ps audio support. And it's not the bridge it's the e lyric app. Especially with the io7 I pads. .

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All I want is an app that runs on iPad or iPhone, that can see the PWD and the LaCie NAS on the network and let me connect them without having to have the iMac turned on 24/7.  


i.e. Music on LaCie NAS > ethernet > PWD Bridge DAC > Amp > headphones, using the iPad to control playback.


If I do have the iMac turned on, it's running Twonky server which is so much more intuitive than Jriver MC19 that I still don't understand.


Why would PSA drop support and updates for the eLyric App which is essential for using the PWD Bridge without a computer?  Especially if App version 2.0.9 still works (last I tried) and 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 doesn't  ????  The current version just shuts down immediately after loading, so it's useless.


If they could even add Airplay support to the Bridge, to include 24/96 and 24/192 files, I'd be happy to stream from my Mac and iPad that way.


On Another Note - Plug Player app for my Macbook came out a few years ago and seemed like it was in perpetual alpha and beta testing - not ready for prime-time for a while and I gave up on it.  However I fired it up tonight, and it finds the LaCie NAS and the PWD Bridge and lets me control my music playback on the NAS/PWD/Bridge via my Macbook Pro, without having to run a music server on another mac 24/7.


So, is there anything like PlugPlayer App for iPhone other than eLyric?  (I don't count Jriver because it seems to need it's server running on a PC)

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I wish I could help , but I cannot . I sold my bridge for lack of a good working PC solution. . It does work fine with USB and my offramp. Bu the PC must be running even if using the iPad. . But my CPU runs all the time anyway.

Now I also have a krell music server and a msb UMT plus trans port. And they both have iPad apps and do not need a PC running. So I do feel your pain. Now the good news is ps audio is up to something big for us Pwd people so stay tuned .
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Spoke too soon - PlugPlayer is still buggy.  I had tried 3-4 songs on a Diana Krall album, but when I changed media servers it won't play on the PWD now. I changed Media Server back and changed Media Renderer to the Macbook and then it plays locally.  But then I change albums and no music locally anymore. Quit and reload, still nothing.  Junk...  No rhyme or reason for working or not.

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