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I'm glad they finally made it easier to figure out. Picking through the forums for the right version was a nightmare. 

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^And getting copies of the firmware files is easier now (plus they provide specific instructions to force load earlier versions).  

Thanks out to the members that were kind enough to email files behind the scenes to each other!  

(Have to say that email w/PS Audio has been good, they responded when I requested files...but this move should make it much easier for all of us.) Glad they keep supporting this DAC and trying to make improvements to the firmware.  It still sounds great.

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I am even happier with the PWD2 post 2.4.1. It was the best firmware so far. Improved dynamics and focus but retaining the organic element as well. I did not like the early 2.0.x firmware versions, but 2.4.1 is the best out of both worlds imo.


I tried a version of 2.4.3 but there were some faint pops when changing tracks. I will give a try to the one that's published now.

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No pops for me on 243.  241 did the whole radio station tuning noise on start-up with NativeX.  Neither trigger the relays for filter or phase choice though.

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Are you guys useing speakers or headphones??

Al D
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Using both here.


Yeah 2.4.1 does the tuning noise but only via its USB. With my AES converter it doesn't do that with NativeX on. I will try 2.4.3 again shortly.

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^^Strictly headphones so far.

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Ok I have speakers with the Pwd mkii. I have not tried the new firmware with headphones, I'm glad to hear it sounds fine. I had emailed Paul a couple of times regarding headphones to make changes in firmware as well as speakers . But he is old school just speakers.

Al D
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Originally Posted by negura View Post

Using both here.


Yeah 2.4.1 does the tuning noise but only via its USB. With my AES converter it doesn't do that with NativeX on. I will try 2.4.3 again shortly.


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2.4.3 is on. No more radio tuning noise. Sounds similar to 2.4.1 or I didn't pick up any SQ changes and not going to rollback and forth to check it. :P


Still some bugs with 2.4.3: When using the PS Audio USB driver 2.4.3 and changing the sample rate say: 44khz to 192khz there's a weird noise for about 1 second. Sampling back down there's no problem. With Asio4All I don't get this problem.


Overall I think over the various firmware upgrades the PWD2 stepped up a notch. The most noticeable was 2.2.0 to 2.4.1.

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I've been recently experimenting with feeding the PWD2 some "better" juice. The stacking of 1 + 2 below has been transformational. The PWD2 stepped out 1 or 2 classes in SQ, mainly in: instrument separation, imaging, transparency, focus, details, micro-details. There is an even more natural and profound extension to anything from the pluck of a guitar chord to the human voice. The realism level is now breathtaking. It's 10 years+ since I last touched a guitar, but it's the first time listening through my rig that I get an eery feeling the guitar is in the room and there's no rig at all. I am also getting a feeling for the size and shape of the studio where the recording was made. (This is with Joe Bonamassa and my reference Stockfisch recordings).


1. Power regen. One of these cleaning-up the mains http://www.powerinspired.com/ac-regenerators-c-98.html. For people in the US, I'm sure you are spoilt with choice. This is feeding no.2

2. Balanced PSU. http://www.airlinktransformers.com/balanced_power_supply/conditioning_balanced_power_supply/ (I use a step down balanced PSU as I am the UK with an US version PWD2)


Also very worthwhile:

I still use the PUC2Lite USB->AES interface which gets rid of the slight confusion, darkness and mudiness of the stock PWD2 USB. The PUC2Lite provides a neutral tonal balance, improves the level of details and micro-details and expands the soundstage with a cleaner background. I've also added a SOTM txUSBexp card and that is at least as good (or better) than the PUC2Lite. The SOTM adds slam, better focus and PRAT and a natural extension at both ends of the spectrum.


My 2c. YMMV, FWIW etc. :)


The rest of the testing gear was:

SET tube amplifier (Amperex 6922 pinched waist, GEC U52/RCA 5Y3GT, Amperex EL84)

Custom 96dB front loaded horns


PWD2 firmware 2.4.1 & 2.4.3

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Yes +1. Better power makes a difference for sure. The change is even more with tube amps

Al D
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I can highly recommend the PS Audio Powerbase - for me it was a definite and clear improvement ito of sq. 


Worth the money if you can pick one up used for around $500-$600.


PS Audio's spiel:

The PerfectWave PowerBase combines a dual diffused isolation base with a one-way-gate power conditioner into an elegant, component level product base.  Use the PowerBase for source, control or power equipment and enjoy a remarkable improvement in the space between instruments, vocals and soundstage.

Lowers the smearing and grunge associated with microphonics of equipment, especially tube, turntables, CD players and source gear.  Helps any product reach its full potential with cleaner power and lower induced noise from your loudspeakers.

  • Dual isolation system
  • Floating 20 pound solid steel equipment platform
  • Dual sets of tuned Sorbothane supports
  • Perfect for CD players and transports
  • Turntables
  • Source equipment
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power Plants
  • 40 dB rejection of common and differential mode noise
  • Handles up to 100 pounds
  • Isolate and power up to 2 pieces of equipment
  • Remarkable improvement in sound quality
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I think there products perform as good they look. I own several products by them

There power products are the best in the industry.

Great to see appreciation in this forum. They truly deserve the respect as great products
With great support.
Ps audio.

Al D
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Has anyone herd any rumers on a new DAC ?

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