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Please leave all feedback here. Thanks!

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Sold a DT770/80 to NapalmK. There were no hassles of any kind, he was very easy to work with and paid immediately. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thanks yo!

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Sold a pair of Grado SR60i's to NapalmK. Great communication and fast payment. Thanks for a great transaction. Enjoy the headphones!

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Sold some DT990's to NapalmK. Great communication, super fast payment and a very nice person. Thanks!!

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Sold a headamp to Napalmk.  His payment was prompt and communication was great.  He is an asset to the board.

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Sold a pair of Beyer DT770 80's to NapalmK, payment was sent quickly and would not hesitate to do buisness with him again in the future!

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sold hime a yamaha headphone. fast payment, everything went great!

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Sold him a nuforce udac I recently bought on head-fi.  Good buyer, quick payment and all that good stuff.

Thanks :)

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Sold a pair of Pro 750s to NapalmK.  Excellent communication, prompt payment.  Great transaction all around.

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Bought a pair of SR60i from Ben.  Absolutely smooth transaction.  Terrific communication and he shipped them out right away.  Another terrific Head-Fi'er! 

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sold him a sansa fuze, A+ buyer :)

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bought a pair of dt770 pros the communication was good and he shipped very fast

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I sold NapalmK my Gilmore Lite. Easy communication and quick payment. Recommended!

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I bought a Hifiman EF2 from this gentleman.  Insta-response time, fast shipment, all around swell guy.  Amp was well packed and arrived in great condition.  I'd do business with him again!

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