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How many of you guys know Latin?

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I'm just curious and, because I don't know how to make a poll, since I've seen a bunch of Latin used all over this site, how many of you guys know Latin? This really intrigued me because there's not much of other languages to be found on this site. 


Thanks for viewing.

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I wouldn't say I "know" Latin, but I studied it for a few years, and found it a very interesting subject.

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I think everyone just uses this or similar to sound smart.

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I use English to sound smart, add a bit of Pythonesque humour and the mockery begins. Combine it with German swear words and throw in some French expressions, Italian or even Spanish if you want to and you can really mix it up. For the moment English will do. 


At the moment I am participant in a Latin course, it might be useful

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godverdomme! oops, that's not latin


well latin is called "italiano classico" in Italy, and I had it at school for quite a while...it ended up being quite an asset to learn other contemporary latin based languages.

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Did 4 terms of Latin in college  ...  read Virgil's Aeneid ... I would say it really improved my knowledge of  grammar and sentence construction.


HOWEVER, I've forgotten all my Latin.


Thought it was fun back then, but have to say it required plenty of studying.

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Bonum vinum et musica laetificat cor hominis.


What more do we need to know?

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Leeperry, try 'Godsammelazarus!'. Dutch swear words are good too. 


Check Billy Connolly's 'Reasons For Swearing' on Youtube, he gives you reason to use the F-word. 


I do want to get serious with Latin though, one of my to do things in life. 

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There's no room for it here at HF.


I got scolded for using language other than english to wish people a happy birthday.


Danny Downer for sure.

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Agricola, agricolae, agricolarum, agricolis, agricolas.  We used to call my high school Latin teacher puer. 

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I have studied Latin for five years, now i hardly remember it , back in the day i was able to translate just about everything...

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I'm tempted to learn latin as a course in college next year, do you folks think its worth it?

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Just try it...

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Just in case you're wondering why I'm asking, I'm studying Latin I right now... It's confusing, but it helps immensely with my English grammar and mechanics. 

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Latin is a peculiar language.

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