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I don’t know if you pulled the trigger yet, on a pair if earplugs, but in general with your budget but you can be looking at high-end universal, systems that use three way crossovers, so that they do not have to compromise as much on sound. 


 BNHabs View Post  I want to purchase In-Ear monitors but I am stuck on what to choose. .. I love bass.

Hearing all the bass that is there is no problem.  Accenting the bass more than the original recording, is your choice of coarse, but just recognize that it is a form of distortion. 


In this top realm you might look at sm3, um3x, or the ever popular Westone 3.  The three is for three channels of separated sound (crossover frequencies).   These help the earphone designer reduce distortion.  Griffin's has an iPhone mike that will work well with any earplug.  The untrained ear probably cannot tell the difference between the top offerings, so go with style, availability, price, and warranty.  Any will serve you well.  These are probably what your advisers are wearing.  All of the best universal earphones are below $350.00

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