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I use mine wth my ATH-ESW9A and B&W P5s and I love it. LOD out to it helps with the sound stage and response in the range in general. It is nice :)

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I guess what I'm asking is, can it be worth it for the lower cost headphones I have, or should I not bother / try something else?

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Here's how I attach my iPod Classic - the touch should work the same. The only issue is my amp didn't come with any markings so I have to figure out which jack goes where every time I hook up the amp.

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Haha, I've got that problem as well. Have any amps been delivered with markings? I've seen pictures of it online, but I figured the guy had done it himself.

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Inner left - Source
Outer right - output.

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I posted some photos of my new FiiO E11 and my old PA2V2 in a thread here:




I figured I'd post the photos over here as well.  I hope that is OK.  


I will update the thread with more thoughts once I have listened to them both side by side a little longer.



Originally Posted by xluben View Post

I just got a FiiO E11 and also dusted off my PA2V2 (that I got nearly 9 years ago!).  I decided to take some photos, and I will post some more thoughts and comparisons once I have done a bit more listening on both.  


First here are some photos of the FiiO E11.  I got the package on Amazon that includes a spare battery and charger.



Comes in a nice metal tin with two rubber bands, USB charging cable, and 90 deg 3.5mm cable.


Back side shows off the "Kilimanjaro" name.


The right side has Gain (H and L) and EQ (0, 1, 2).


The volume knob also acts as power on/off and is mostly covered to prevent accidental volume changes.


The top has a power light and charging light.  The mini USB charging port is on the side.


The bottom cover is removed to expose the battery.  The cover is made of very thin metal.


The battery can be removed to expose a High/Low Power switch.  

The body of the E11 is molded plastic.


Another shot of the back side.


Size comparison vs. the Moto X.



Size comparison vs. the Moto X and Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO.


Size comparison vs. Shure SE215.


FiiO E11, Moto X, and Shure SE215.



Originally Posted by xluben View Post

Here are some photos of the PA2V2.  Mine was the first one with a clear faceplate :)



Front view.  Clear faceplate.  Blue LED.


Rear 3/4 view.


PA2V2 opened up.


Inside the PA2V2.


Front 3/4 view inside the PA2V2.


Underside of the PA2V2 circuit board.



Top of the PA2V2 circuit board.



Originally Posted by xluben View Post

Here are the side by side shots of the FiiO E11 and PA2V2.


PA2V2, MotoX, FiiO E11, and Shure SE215.


PA2V2, FiiO E11, and Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO.


3/4 view of PA2V2 and FiiO E11.




Front view of PA2V2 and FiiO E11.

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I received my Pa2v2 previous week. I was so stoked! The response here on headfi, various people around the globe and some others that i follow on instagram.. Everybody just loved this little thing! 


Rock solid build, loved the plastic case, no rattles what so ever, smooth volume knob, lovely power switch etc..  Everything was looking epic at this moment....Until.


First thing i paired it with was the sansa clip zip with rockbox, and a pair of shure SRH-840. Since ive used various amps like c-moys and others with very good drive on these cans i guess that was what i expected.. Well to my big surprise, the amp sounded like crap :( No added anything, just added noise. 

What the fudge was my thought.. Swapped batteries ( yes i use rechargeable 1.2 volt sanyo eneloop ) Still the same thin, noisy sound that totally lacked dynamics. Well, the shures are 44 ohm..Shouldn't be any problems driving them with the pa2v2 since t he C-moy i had went so loud that i never passed 50% volume. 


Paired it with Sony mdr zx700 which are very easy to drive.. Still sounded very bad, added some iems in the mix like Brainwavz delta, JVC HAFXC 51 etc.. Even more hiss and noise.. All of the cans i tested sounded better directly from the clip.. Time to check out the adjustable gain. I could not increase the gain before i was going mad of the noise..


I talked to Gary about this..And he is one hell of a nice person to deal with. Fast replies and no fuzz what so ever. I ended up returning this amp and went for another cmoy instead. 


Why am i here then? Well i was just interested to know what you pair this amp with? Ipod with LOD cable seems to be a very popular dap with this amp. How bout headphones then? Since i was unable to gain anything from whatever i threw at it. Superlux HD681 evo, Shure SRH-840, MDR zx 700,Superlux HD330 etc etc..

Sorry for the long post, but i would be glad if you share your thoughts on this. :popcorn: 

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Hey guys - this MIGHT not be the best place for this topic, but I figured you guys would know. I'm looking at buying the PA2V2 to boost the sound on my PC (I game, music, and movie - everything). Do I need anything else beyond this to make it shine, or is it just:

1) Put batteries in amp

2) Hook input/output through amp

3) Enjoy sexy sound?


EDIT: Decided to post this question here instead: http://www.head-fi.org/t/714695/quick-amp-pa2v2-question


Disregard - thank you!

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Hello all IV had my PA2V2 for three weeks now and absolutely love it. I have it connected to my diymod ipod 5g and a pair of Beats Mixrs.

The sound is awesome and absolutely love how the hole album Metallica S&M shines. The base is fan tasting without damping the mids. The drums really have that punch and drive about them, non of that crunchiness.
Overall I love this little magic box.

Now to compliment it I'm using a pure copper lod with black gate caps, Iv ordered my Shure SE535 red editions, ACS custom sleeves and for when I really wanna smash it some ZMF FOSTEX T50rp Master Models ( got a display model for $200)

I'm currently talking to Gary on eBay and can vouch that wow awesome guy. I bought my PA2V2 secondhand and worked straight out the box only I didn't get a charger so I have to go about removing the nihm battery's. But still on the first charge and loving every second


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Glad you liked it! I must be the only person on this planet that had a really awful experience with the PA2v2 :/ Gary is one hell of a guy though! Return was absolutely no problem.

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Would be worth to buy it to use with a Superlux HD681 EVO. Would I probably see some difference with this low impedance headphone?


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Originally Posted by altrunox View Post

Would be worth to buy it to use with a Superlux HD681 EVO. Would I probably see some difference with this low impedance headphone?

Yeah I even tested it on a cheap set of HD205's and the low resistance and it sounded great over stock
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how much does it weigh?!

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Hold up :) 

unless I just screwed up 127.2 grams.


I was actually coming back in here to say how happy I am with this thing still.  Using it it Colorfly C3 mainly at the moment, and with all sorts of vintage orthodynamics, and iems also. Channel gains adjusted up.


If I could only remember when the last time I charged it was. I forget.

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I have a question, how long does the shipping takes? (i live in the netherlands) and has anyone tried these with beyerdynamics dt 770 pro 80 ohms?

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