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The meet will be held from the time we can get into the room to the time we have to leave it in order to maximize the time we can be together as well as the costs of the room. If you think we start the meet too early, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time later on to listen to everything. Usually, Cegeps rent their rooms from around 8-9 am to 6-7 pm. I'll send each cegep an email to figure out what are the conditions at each place.

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Count me in, I'll bring a WA6, a CD player (I don't know witch one yet) and DT990/600Ω.

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I'll be there on 14th august. I may bring HD580 and Linn Genki. If the place is not far from McGill, I may bring some more.


See you guys.

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Cmon guys, we need more answers!

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I will try to come but I may be on vacation. I won't know until a couple of weeks.


I would bring : HD800, T1, HF2, MAD Ear+HD, Goldpoint HP Pro + six pack of Dr Pepper.

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Almost sure I'll be there. Less sure is what I'll bring... Will depend how far the meet will be from downtown.

I may bring :

- Beta 22

- Audio GD REF1

- earsonics SM3

- HF2 recabled

- WooAudio 2 maxxed, K701 and HD650 if they are not sold by then


Promised, if I can't bring that pretty heavy stuff, I'll do a mini-meet at home !

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I'll most certainly be there too.


I will bring my T1, HE5-LE, CA 840C and TADAC Dac/amp. No dedicated headphone amp, but maybe a speaker amp for the HE5-LE

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I'll attend on the fourteenth of August, which seems to be the agreed-upon date.


The Buffalo is being shipped as I type this, so it should be ready for the meet.


As to location, I'm still happy to have it at my flat, which is fairly downtown (Dr. Penfield). As there was mention of CEGEPs, I will enquire with Dawson (also fairly downtown), where I'm a night student, if there is a desire.

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I'm still waiting to find out what time the meet will be - that'll confirm whether or not I can attend.

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The time at which the meet will take place will determine wether I can come or not.

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Count me in for the 14th.
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I have just recieved a balanced hd600 cable (that I bought from the same guy who made my AD2000 cable) and a xlr --> 1/4" adapter so I can balance my ad2ks and still use them on SE amps.


So far, no answers from the cegeps, I'll try phoning them tomorrow. 

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You will see, in balanced it's different. I guess it's an improvement if you want bigger soundstage, a bit more bass and highs. If you like to keep the soundstage front of you, you will have a small deception because it's coming more each side of your ears. It's not so terrible btw.


With my HD650, I got less coloration this manner (in balanced) and it's a nice compromise between the big soundstage of the HD800 and the intimate soundstage of a HD650 SE.


Try a HD650 if you have a chance to hear a good unit (they not all the same ... it's pretty annoying).

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Pompon, quelle version as-tu? Si c'est la bonne version, ce serait super de comparer les hd600 balancés avec les hd650 balancés au meet.

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Okay, I got us a room!


The meet will take place at Cegep de Rosemont in room A-435. The room is 75$ for the day so we'll see how much everyone has to pay right before the meet, but so far it seems like 5-7$ a person. The room will be ours from 8 am until..... now that's weird. She told me usually the room has to be cleared by 7 pm, but she also told me that since the room won't be used after 7pm so we can use it until about 9pm. I don't know if you guys want to be there absolutely at 8 in the morning but I think being there early will give us more time to chat and still have some quality listening. 


Here is the confirmation from the room coordinator:




Je vous confirme la réservation de la salle de classe A-435 pour le Samedi 14 août, toute la journée. Je vous fais parvenir, dans les prochains jours, la facture d'un montant de 75 $ taxes comprises. Merci de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir le règlement au plus tard le Vendredi 13 août.

Passez une belle fin de journée!

Au plaisir,

Agente de bureau à la Direction des affaires étudiantes et des communications
Collège de Rosemont
6400, 16e Avenue, Montréal (Qc) H1X 2S9


The Cegep is fairly easy to reach using public transit. The room we have is a regular classroom so we should have plenty of space to put setups, easily accessible power outlets and room to switch gear quickly.


If you could tell us what time you would join the party that would be nice.


Hoping to see all in august!

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