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Broadcast monitor vs. LCD/Plasma HDTV???

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I was browsing all the nice plasmas at bestbuy and was thinking about buying a monitor/tv. I decided to go home and do some research first (as always). I came across some professional broadcast monitors such as the SONY BVM series. Or the JVC professional monitors ( like this one: http://www.markertek.com/Home-Theater/Televisions/JVC/DT-V1710CGU.xhtml) and got curious about them. They all seem capable of high resolutions and alot of them get up to tens of thousands of dollars. And I personally love the look of CRT screens. 


My question is, do these monitors have jaw dropping performance like the plasmas at bestbuy? Or is it the case of apples vs. oranges? Is it possible to hook up a PS3 or DVD player to a broadcast video monitor with all those weird connectors? Would the image quality be good? I will be using it with my computer in a small room, so size really isnt an issue unless I cant read the text.

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Waste of money in your case.


Broadcast monitors are used for video editing, and are meant to give the truest image possible for post-production. They use SDI or HD-SDI connections, which can transmit uncompressed footage from a editing station. I can go into much more detail, but you can look it up on google. Also check out some brands like Blackmagic, AJA for monitoring cards that output to SDI/HD-SDI.


I mean you can technically use a production monitor for games/movies, but it would be HUGE waste of money. VERY VERY stupid idea. Also, you probably wouldn't like what you would see, as like I said, production monitors display an EXTREMELY neutral image, unlike televisions, which have deeper blacks and higher contrasts. TVs are just more "fun".


I am currently a film major, and use broadcast monitors quite a bit for post-prod. They are big, clunky and have large fans. Also, the largest I have seen is 24". For the same money, you can buy yourself a top quality projector and buy a calibrator and have cinema like quality. Heck with the money, you can build a rather decent home theatre.


So, to sum up, don't do it. It's not even that's it not worth it, it's just that a broadcast monitor is NOT meant to be used for games or watching movies.. it's a specialty tool used in the video and film industry.


Hope this helps.

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SimD's right, there really isn't any advantage for you to get a broadcast display. Furthermore, I think most big post-production house uses LCD, instead of CRT, for their post-productions now. (ie. Barco RHDM-2301B, etc...)

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