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When was the last time you bought a CD? - Page 5

Poll Results: When was the last time you bought a CD?

  • 6% (19)
  • 45% (138)
    0-1 weeks ago
  • 22% (67)
    2-4 weeks ago
  • 7% (22)
    1-2 month ago
  • 3% (12)
    3-6 month ago
  • 1% (5)
    7-12 month ago
  • 5% (16)
    1-2 years ago
  • 4% (13)
    3-6 years ago
  • 1% (5)
    7- 10 years ago
  • 1% (5)
    10+ years
302 Total Votes  
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I still buy records, so CDs are second choice.

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I buy CDs from every 2-4 weeks, at least one. I love going to the small record store down town, and just browse forever. I feel awkward after awhile, but it's a really nice feeling when you find what you want. And, I always carry my cd player with me in my backpack, and listen to it right after my purchase, so it really is a fun process. Besides, if you buy second hand you can save tons of money, I've bought CDs as cheap as a dollar.

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Went down to J&R a few weeks ago and bought eight CDs. Was surprised to find a CD named "Jade" by Scott LaFaro. Truth, I'd rather buy as nothing's really free.

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Buy a few a month, but it usually ends up like one a week or so, I'm all for used cd's though, I hardly buy new cds, except from a few select bands that come out with new albums. Amazon used is my favourite place to check out cd's. I'm also focussing more on purchasing cd's that I feel have decent recording quality, and also find artists who arent quite available in download formats. I personally would never pay for a download. A lot of times I check out artists online, or get mp3, and end up buying the cd if I like em else I dont bother. Mp3 works great as a sampler IMO, if its appalling in mp3, rest assured its not going to be any better on the actual disc, better to save some space and money not buying everything in physical format and never spinning the disc.

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2-4 weeks ago was the last time I bought a cd. I don't download as often I as I used to unless I just want one song or if it's not available on cd. My recent cd purchases were done on Ebay.

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I haven't bought a cd in over a year or two because I switched over to vinyl. I had a pretty big cd collection but traded everything in to my local record stores for a good deal.

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I bought ten last night 

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ten?  damn.

that's like me in my old days.


i bought two last night.  the new exile remaster, and the new LCD soundsystem.

both excellent. 

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Yesterday, Got 2. Usually get 1 every other week or so. Have to keep up with the new music. Prefer to listen to CD's than anything ripped. Old School I guess?

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Bought one yesterday.

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Purchased 5 yesterday.

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Not recently, I've been playing Craig David's Born To Do It over and over for almost ten years now...





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Because I am now trying out new music I recently went on a spending spree for CDs, the wallet hurts but a new world opened up. All I have to do now is wait until the money supply is big enough again. I bought almost every CD new so it cost me more. I usually hunt for cheap and used CDs.

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Purchased three last night,am on a crusade to boost the British economy by only buying my CD's from ebay UK.

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I was very surprised to find the Grateful Dead released the last Philly JFK Stadium concert on CD and a video DVD.   Brings back memories of mailing away for my tickets, got them on the right side of the stadium.  The stadium security wouldn't let us go to the top of the stadium because the bricks were loose and the stadium was scheduled to be torn down.   Hot as heck but the sun set and the concert was amazing.


yeah, you can listen to it on the internet but having it official on disk is priceless.

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