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When was the last time you bought a CD?

Poll Results: When was the last time you bought a CD?

  • 6% (19)
  • 45% (138)
    0-1 weeks ago
  • 22% (67)
    2-4 weeks ago
  • 7% (22)
    1-2 month ago
  • 3% (12)
    3-6 month ago
  • 1% (5)
    7-12 month ago
  • 5% (16)
    1-2 years ago
  • 4% (13)
    3-6 years ago
  • 1% (5)
    7- 10 years ago
  • 1% (5)
    10+ years
302 Total Votes  
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Just wondering how often people buy CD in head-fi.

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I buy a couple of CDs each month so I put 2-4 weeks in the poll. I prefer CDs over downloads as I like to own something tangible, and it means I have a backup after creating .m4a files. Problem is the next two albums on my list to buy are difficult/expensive to get on CD and I'm considering mp3/320 (legit) downloads instead. I suppose it's the way things are going but I'm not really happy about it.

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I'm an odd one I guess, because I still buy CDs on an almost weekly basis. I try to get them secondhand when I can (either from private sales or used from Amazon) but I still buy CDs because I'm a bit of a perfectionist...I can't stand having a music library of stuff ripped at varying bitrates or tagged differently.


Buying CDs allows me to control the quality (320CBR mp3 or FLAC depending on use) and also gives me a physical backup in case my pc and external hard drive were to be stolen/die simultaneously/act of god etc.

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I prefer to buy CD's and rip them.  I purchased a ton of used CD's in bulk in the FS forum.  I have also purchased a lot of MFSL discs used.  You can get some good deals buying used.

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I constantly buy cds. All of my music is ripped from cds. I buy them from many sources. Used or new. A fellow Head-Fi'er has around 9000 cds so I have quite a way to go before I'm even close. Feel free to PM me with your cds :D

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I binge once every other month or so, but I buy a bunch of CDs when I do, so I answered 2-4 weeks.

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I much prefer to buy CDs. I like the experience of browsing at a store, picking one up, paying for it, eagerly waiting to open it when I arrive home, then rip and play it on my PC.


The only thing keeping me from purchasing more CDs at the moment is a severe lack of $$.

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I've bought 1 cd the last half year. Almost all my music listening is with Spotify premium these days.

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There are very few instances where I like an entire album, but if I find one where I like at least 1/2 of the songs, I'll buy the actual CD. Otherwise I turn to iTunes, or other online stores...

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all music i buy is on cd


if downloads were of decient quality and athe stuff i wanted was actually available in the UK then id think about it.  since i cant buy stuff digitally from the US (and get US prices) the only way for me to get what i want is to order the cd from the US as often the things i want simply isnt available in the UK.  literally i couldnt buy it any other way even if i wanted to.


and OMG are cds cheap in the US, even shipping them over its still cheaper than buying anything over here

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oh also i have a policy of only buying albums.  i decided many moons ago that if i like a song or artist enough to part with cash them odds are they will have things on an album ill also like that otherwise id never get to hear.  thats pretty much been true with ever album ive ever bought

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I buy CDs all the time. If fact I have never purchased MP3s. I buy CDs and then rip them for portable, and I listen to them directly at home.

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I refuse to pay for downloads.  If I'm going to pay money, I want to actually own something.  I try to buy albums that I really like.  If I don't wind up liking something much, I don't really care if it's stolen or not.

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Pretty much cds for me. I do download songs but its pretty much from itunes giftcards that I get from friends/family and I usually use it to buy live recordings/itunes special stuff of some of my favorite artists. I also download/stream songs every oncein a while, I've found that pandora is quite useful for finding new artists. The only downside is alot of new artists are going down the "digital path" Since its easier to distribute and get your songs out that way rather than actually making and selling an album. But I've found that if they're usually good, they'll release an album sooner or later.


Oh and just bought some cds today. Gotta love garage sales and used CD stores =>Cheap and high quality, lets see if itunes or any other online service can beat lossless (cd/lp) at about 25cents a song.

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i used to buy cds like crazy.  about 2 or 3 a week.  and i have around 5,000 total. 

and it is quite out of hand...

so, as of 2010, i've cut back severely in order to fund head-fi.  and because i had run out of room...


i've found that enjoying the music i have on good equipment is more rewarding than acquiring new crap i'll never have the time to listen to.


however, i did just buy new albums from The National and Broken Social Scene...


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