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What is the most durable headset?

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simple, thats all i want, i am tired of spending money on headsets that dont even last 2 months, latest P.O.S. the plantronics 377 gamecom, didnt even last $1.00 a day. so please tell me. what is the most durable headsets in your opinion, if they did fail tell me about how long it took and where it failed at. the longest lasting headset i have used is logitech premium usb 350 and that was about 1 year. I am open to sugestions, you must keep in mind i use my headset 24/7, i am on a budget, but willing to save for something that will last. must be stereo or greater (5.1 , 7.1) i am a gamer, so mic is a must (need to be able to tell team mates there is someone around the corner) thank you in advance for all your help.

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Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry for your wallet...


AKG K141 Studio with boom mic modification? 

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Look to aviation headsets, as they must be rugged.  You can always transplant better drivers into them.

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Grainger NRR 20dB headset - Very rugged. Should be able to survive a fall from a 40 story building.

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I use a Sennheiser PC 166 USB, and love it.  I use it for voice recordings, internet telephone, gaming (which I seldom do); and, particularly when I'm on internet-phone-heavy days, I end up using it for music, too, which it's actually pretty good for, for a headset.


As for durability:  Anything I carry with me every day takes a beating, the PC166USB being no exception, and it has held up well.  I stuff it in a Ziploc bag, and then shove it into a backpack or messenger bag.  After what I'd estimate as a few years of use this way, it certainly doesn't look brand new (I can't imagine much that would with similar treatment over similar time), but it has held up very well.

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This is my model of headphones I have bought NOT 1 but 2 of these headsets and they have both FAILED me. Here is the brand and model.




This is the Razer brand headset with speakers and mic. I am not even complaining  they do not really do the Dolby 5.1 or the 7.1 stuff I am just mad because I have bought  of them 2 times and they have both FAILED within 9 months. To me that is not worth the 70.00 in American money I spent on them.



Ok the reason why I responded to an old reply from 2008 and now it is 2012 in December is because I want people to know that IT IS VERY HARD TO FIND A inexpensive HEADSET THAT WILL LAST OVER 2 YEARS!


Yes, I know about BOSE and yes I have tried the Aviation route.


Anyway I have no idea at this time bow to help you find a DURABLE HEADSET WITH MIC. in 2012 IN DEC.

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