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[Deal?] Head-Direct RE0

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$79 USD


The price sounds pretty good. :>



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Thoughts? On the price or sound quality?


The price of RE0 has came down to $79 several months ago I think.


People say they are very good for the price.

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It's been at that price for at least a year. 

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The RE0s have been that price for months now.

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I actually want to know more about them :s

It seems like there are 3 versions.

Picks shown there of RE0 has woven / fabric cable.

Where as the other ones seem to have normal rubbery/plasticy ones.

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The version of the RE0s with the woven cable was the second generation version. In the current revision (which I own) the RE0s use a PPE cable which feels quite durable and rubbery as opposed to plasticky and is very flexible and soft feeling without feeling flimsy. It also terminates in an L shaped plug as opposed to the straight plug that was used in the first two versions.

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To be honest i dont know if woven or PPE is better...

Ive gone through alot of headphones having their cables degrade...

Takes about a year tho :s I use them daily.

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The price of the RE0 has been at $79 since mid November if I remember correctly.

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RE0 has had a lot said about it. The fact that it's the third most wanted headphone here says something, though perhaps a misleading amount 


Anyway, I might be buying one this weekend so I get it soon after finals. Supposed to be one of the most neutral IEMs, which results in it lacking bass quantity compared to others. Also supposed to be very detailed for the price, with great treble and bass quality. Slightly recessed mids, fixed with a small mod removing the earwax guard. Very micro-phonic cord though, so wear it over ear style. This problem has been fixed a little in the newer versions (which I assume you'd get if you buy directly from them) but I've heard it's still there. Free shipping on Amazon from a different seller, but I don't know what version you'll get or if they're trustworthy. Might be worth it just ordering from Head-Direct directly.

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:S I am starting to not trust unauth resellers...

Im kinda desperate for soe decent headphones...

I got nothing right now... and i need

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There is nearly an endless number of reviews and opinions about the RE0 on this website, including explanations of the different versions. If you order from Head-Direct you will get the most recent, regardless of which photo they're currently using on their website.

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Do a search. There's so much on the RE0s, even comparisons to various other earphones.

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It's an absolute STEAL for $79.

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It was a great deal at $90. Nothing to complain about at $80. I can't think of a better value in IEM's.

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