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Sennheiser MX series Vs Yuin PK series - 6 earbuds compared and reviewed. - Page 6

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It is time for me to move up from MX880 to MX980. So many times, the volume control of MX880 "caught (rubbed)" edges of books, desk when I stood up - It was annoying enough, I bought replacement warranty within 3 days. How about MX980 ? By the way, I sometimes use a silicone adapter to tune down the treble, it also bring out more bass. (The treble is fine for most people; sometimes I just want lesser.) The new sound is still lovely.

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I don't know if you would be okay with the sound signature of the mx980 coming from the 880.   The mx980s are more neutral and wide sounding, what I loved in the mx880 is not present in the 980, they are different.  If you want a more fun experience and can wait a little while, I highly suggest the 9wave NW Studio for the same price as the mx880, around $60 US.  They are very fun, lively, spacious and much more user friendly than the sennheisers.  The down side is that there is no release date for them yet, and only the PRO version is available but thats a whole different set entirely and costs more than $200.  


Im waiting on LFF and a few others to post their reviews of the 9wave, but the mx980 is the most versatile set of headphones ive ever used, it scales up nicely and can change with good amping, its easily the best gaming headphones available IMO, excellent sound quality and bass with a huge stage.  But ya, unless you are a giant with huge dumbo ears, you will find them uncomfortable as they are HUGE.

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"dumbo ears"


That's me.


I've a pair of the 980's en route and am looking forward to hearing them. I think an ear bud will work fine in the office environment, where I'm not constantly having to remove an IEM to talk to co-workers and such.


Can't wait to give them a listen. 


Great review, BTW.



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Was browsing around the forums, searching for recommendations on flagship pair of buds.. Then I stumbled on this "review".. And WOW! It's so biased.. I feel like the main goal (even before the main "review") was already pointing towards the Senns (although I own one myself 'til I lost it on a plane)..

However, I do agree on one thing and that is the overpricing of the PK1.. Assuming that Sennheiser spends a lot on R&D compared to Yuin. I'm still leaning towards the MX 980 though due to an un-amped source but curious about Yuin and it's reviews.

But hey, a review is still a review.. Biased or Fair, it still counts as another person's view. Apreciate what I've read.. Cheers!

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Im sorry you might feel my reviews are bias.  I do my best to provide unbiased reviews for the very few people who actually read my reviews, so hearing someone say that is a shot to the chest to me.  However you are right in a sense, the main goal was to sway people into good buys instead of paying for lower tier products at insanely high prices as found in the Yuin PK and OK series.

Thats the entire point behind reviews, to give the best information you can to allow people to find the best buys available.  Currently, the Yuin series fell off the boat and 9wave and Sennheiser took their place. 







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I, for one, appreciate the review and don't see it as biased.  And that is coming from someone who actually prefers the Yuin PK1 to the MX980.  However, I can't justify the PK1 from a value aspect.  The MX980's are better built, sturdier, and don't require an amp.  The PK1's seem rather flimsy (though I've never had a problem with them) and must be amped to sound their best.


While the MX980's are excellent buds, I find the PK1's to be much more comfortable (at least for my ears).  When amped by either my Pico DAC Amp or my Pico Slim, I find the PK1's provide a much fuller sound across the spectrum and are definitely warmer than the MX980.  It's definitely a personal preference, but I just prefer the PK1.  To me, the PK1 presents a soundstage that more approximates a full size headphone in tonality and depth.  The MX980's, while very detailed and accurate, never seem to shed that "earbud" sound to me. 



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I apologize if I sounded rude in my previous comment. Don't get me wrong though, I found your review very useful. I recently bought a Fischer Audio Eterna and waiting for it to arrive, but still looking for a 2nd pair and perhaps 3rd pair (wife is frowning..hehe). UPDATE: I'm currently checking out Yuin's cheaper cousin, Sunrise Audio (it's half the price of the Yuins). And they have been supplying OEM products so maybe that explains the similarity. I might try out the AS-Charm ($79!!!). As for the Senns, I might be purchasing locally (due to the enormous amount of FAKES online). Cheers!

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someone know where to get the sunrise as-miss?

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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

You should read this as well



Great Excellent Details on this one.. My new ATI 6970 just came in and the MX 980 would be a nice complement for Gaming.. Thanks again, swbf2cheater for the help.. I'll keep you posted, Mate..


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hey people

can someone confirm me something ?

i got my pk1 this week. the cable is the rubber type. is that the new one? the same that the OK series have?

i 've read, the pk1 had a plastic one cable before?


(any pictures for comparison??)

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