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Klipsch Image S4i static electricity

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I recently purchased a pair of S4is that seem to be conducting a significant amount of static electricity through the cable.  The result is a popping sound and a discomforting shocking sensation where the earphones touch my outer ears.


Does anyone else have this problem?  Did I get a faulty pair?




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Just for your reference, not sure if there is anything to do with the cable though.



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Thanks for the links.  I read through the threads but I am pretty positive that there is a static charge traveling through the cable.  


I think that there is more to the problem than the clicking noise--my ears get shocked when i shift positions in my office chair or the cable rubs against the lining of my coat.


Maybe these are a faulty pair.  Did anyone else experience anything like this with the S4's or any other IEM?



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Yeah I experienced the same problem with a pair of white S4is as well
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Hi, welcome to Head-Fi

Did the shocking ever go away?  Were you able to solve the problem (not by selling them)?


The reason I ask is that I really liked how they sounded with the iPhone and am considering picking up another set.  But I am afraid to be shocked again.

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my pair of normal s4s did the same thing with the left ear i believe.  especially in the winter and i walked around on carpet.  i think it's just a manufacturing/design defect.  and it never went away, unless i grounded myself by touching a metal part of my desk.

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Oh. Well I guess that answers that question. Thanks. Maybe I'll go hunting a pair of W3 instead
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oh my god. i get this, too. these ear phones sound like crap and they shock you... so yeah. 

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I have the S4s, and have never had an issue with static electricity.  Maybe its an S4i issue........... *shrugs*

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I have this issue with any earphone that has metal which touches my skin. It happens only during the winter for me when humidity is down.
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Maybe you could try putting some tape on the metal parts on the metal parts that touch your skin, or even coating it with a thin layer of clear nail polish.

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 I've also noticed that the plastic coating on the wire is fraying off, so that may contribute to their shocking effect. Not fun!

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I own a pair of the S4s and they shocked me a couple times, it rarely happens though. The shock was accompanied by a slight pop noise.  Just a note, my S4's cable has begun to fall apart slightly after somewhat moderate use, so... 

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What you guys are getting has only a small portion to do with your S4's. I used to get this all the time with my Audio-Technica A900's (If I ran my foot against the carpet). This happens when the humidity is fairly low (winter/desert). you build static by wearing socks on carpet or brushing something furry like a shaggy dog lol. We as humans have an extremely low amount of electricity within us (matrix used as batteries, in-theory can be done lol).


http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2729 ( I am not a fanboy :p)

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Been using some S4i for about a year with Touch/iPhone 4 and not had this issue (fortunately!)

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