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HFI (High Fi International) Appreciation and Rooth Impressions Thread - New online company in Japan - Page 6

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Yeah it is abit wierd i get only up 3 pic if you click on his name(Allen Lindskoog).

But MaoDi would Miracle match Heavy Metall,pop,Acoustic.

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Hope he can get the link fixed, or change his privacy settings so we can all enjoy the pics!


The Miracle would we great for Pop and Acoustic, but you could find stronger competitors in the Heavy metal. A JH13 according to JH13 owners have the perfect tone and sound for Heavy Metal. Trying to get the JH16 asap, just waiting for impressions.

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Apparently the Rooth LS8 is getting a holiday discount. It's selling at $830.




It's quite a bargain considering it has 8 drivers (dual low, dual mid, dual high, dual ultra high).


Someone bite the bullet for us head-fiers please :).

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Rooth has 8 driver and passive 4-Way crossover.

But i`m been told this by someone:


Their tuning by Chinese companys aren't refined enough-not that they don't have enough soundstage or tremble.
More drivers don't promise great sound, just as the ZN5 and em3pro have proved.
I had a friend who designs his own circuits, and he says that when you use more drivers, the crossover becomes immensly complex, thus increasing the possibility of malfunction and makes tuning difficult.
There's a point there, for nobody has created a succeesful four-way split yet, even JH.


And he stated: The LS6 and 8 are, pardon my language, failures. (But this is his opinion for his taste of sound).

On the other hand he told me that UM is much better choice.


There is a thing that bugs me that most Chinese companys that creates custom IEM dont offer any demo`s except UM.


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JH Audio is no longer providing us with the JH16 review sample. We were puzzled as Jerry gave a thumbs up, however we were then notified by Brittany that we are not receiving a sample as she is the one to make the final decision. Sorry Head-fiers! Hopefully we can see this comparison and review in the near future!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all out there!

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Hi, I just read in the Miracle thread that rooth and unique melody have the seem overlapping company. I wonder how the miracle sounds vs the rooth 8 driver model... Greetings, Anouk,

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We need some reviews of products by the biggest seller of customs in China, Thousand Sounds.

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Hi, I currently own the monster turbine pro copper. Im thinking of getting Rooth LS8, UM Miracle or JH13.


I listen to a lot of rock and hip pop music. Personally, I think Monster products just have a lot of bass, including the copper. I alway use treble booster as my EQ. AND I'm still not satisfied with the treble. I guess I prefer harsh treble. The treble for copper is alot better than the original and gold, but it is still no where near the Sony MDR-EX1000. I love the treble on high end Sonys. But the bass is a bit weak. Bose quiet and comfort 15 sound very nice and detailed. The placement of the instruments is excellent. I guess these descriptions gives you can idea what I'm expecting.

My standards are as follows:


1. Best bass in on the market. Strong, controlled punchy, but should not have more bass than copper. but a little more than Sonys for example EX1000

2. Very Clear mid and highs so the bass doesn't cover everything up. Slight harsh treble like Sonys preferably.

3. Excellent good sound stage.

4. Noise cancelling should be decent. But most high end earphone are ok with that part.

6. Price - lets just not worry about that right now! :)



I have nailed down to a few but I really can't choose which one is the best for me. From the descriptions above, should I get a neutral or a warmer IEM?


1. Rooth LS8

2. JH13Pro

3. UM Miracle


Any recommendations will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Anyone please give any comparisons between UM Miracle and Rooth LS8. These two are my top choice!!

I don't think I can afford to buy both. :(

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Hi Joe
I am planning to get a custom iem for myself this christmas. I am a jazz and vocal lover, my setuWAIS an iPod classic, unamped.(I had an imod+Rx setup but I sold it since I want more portability) Which would be the best custom earphones for me? Also, since I live in Hong Kong, so I could get the ls8 at $700 and earsonics products at 20% off discount (VAT free) I'm leaning towards these earphones at the moment because of their top tier performance and relatively-not-so-top-tier price. What I want is something natural, warm, quick, detailed and not lean, which iem do you think would be my best bet?
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