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Recommended Bass Headphones

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So up until now, I've always been using earphones and I think it was about darn time I get myself a nice pair of headphones. I say that but I actually don't know much about headphone and was wondering what you guys would recommend.

The kind of headphone I'm looking for has a stylish look,  a strong clear bass but maybe not too overbearing, a closed ear headphone, and around $100~$200. I'm willing to spend a bit more but nothing too expensive. I'll be using them for mp3 players and on my PC, nothing professional like DJ work.

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im a little biased because i am both owning, and currently selling these, but I think many would agree that you just described the Denon AH-d2000 perfectly


only thing is they are not exactly portable, though that mostly depends on your personal inclination to look or feel a little goofy


though they dont NEED an amp, it really helps with these.


and just in case youre interested ;-)  shameless self promotion



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oh look at that someone beat me to it.. now that i have consensus.. these really are awesome cans for the money.  even when they costed $350 they were worth it IMO


i just had a long research into trying to figure out how to upgrade from d2000, and found that there were only a few cans that i could upgrade to that would really bring a quality jump without going full out into the $1000 plus range, and even then i just bought a 700 dollar pair of cans. 

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Save yourself 100$ and get the Audio Technica M-50's , execellent headphones for there price, exactly what you want.



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Thanks! The Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones does indeed look very nice and there seems to be a lot of good reviews. I don't exactly own a credit card so I can't really order it for $228 and will probably have to get it for the full price of $349. I'll try to asking some people whether I can use their credit card or not but I'll also look into the Audio Technica M-50. Thanks for the suggestions!

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I still maintain that my D2000 sounds good out of even a cheap amp (and better out of the M-Stage, obviously)  but lousy out of my laptop and my MP3 player. This story about them being easy to drive, I don't really believe it.

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Denon D2000 is a great recommendation. You could also try out the Ultrasone line. Possibly the HFI-780.

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Depends. The Denons are big and limited isolation. The M50s are bit more portable, they fold, and are supposed to isolate a lot more. 

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id say audio technica es10. The bassiest hp's ive ever owned at the same time doesnt drown the mids and highs. U dont need an amp too!

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Sony XB700 - very very bassy

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XB700 <3


DT770 Pro 80




In that order from bassiest to most balanced. If you want bass, the XB700s will do their job fabulously.

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The D2000's are great. I own a pair and love them, however, if you're in need of isolation or plan to use them as a portable I can't recommend them. For more isolation and portability look at the M50's mentioned above or Ultrasones HFI series or a used Ultrasone Pro 750. The Ultrasones (and Denons) really excel with bass heavy and electronic music.

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I own that D2000's and have never really got why people classify them as bassy headphones. They have good bass and can get pretty low, but I think they represent the bass in a track pretty accurately.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

XB700 <3


DT770 Pro 80




In that order from bassiest to most balanced. If you want bass, the XB700s will do their job fabulously.

IMO the XB700 are horrible in comparison to the M50, if you want muddy bass that bleeds into and overpowers the mid and high frequencies then the XB700 are perfect for you.


The bass quantity is high and the bass quality is low with the XB700.


I highly recommend the M50, they are like DT770s that work great for portability, but the DT770 are superior when it comes to using it with better sources hands down. Don't buy the XB700.

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