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Because taking a K1000 on the road is a bulky package by itself.  You might as well get a custom case w foam cutouts for a full size amp and the K1000s, put it on wheels and be done with it. 


A GLite and its matching PS is a 'transportable' form factor but it doesn't have the muscle to drive a K1000.   I can't see visualize hauling  tubes due to breakage and the beefier SS amps are too big.  Haul a Sig30, too funny.

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Why would it be a joke?  Do you not think it's even remotely possible the when the OP says they are "often on the road", that perhaps they have a job that requires a lot of travel and don't feel like taking of a full-sized desktop amplifier with them?

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Personnally I like the K1000 for comfort and soundstage, even though other are better in resolution and speed (Stax). Portable players and DACs can deliver astounding detail and clarity, but battery power will remain the main bottleneck for a headphone with such low efficiency. The Millet Hybrid is said to drive the K1000 "without significant clipping" which would be not enough for me. However, Ed made some more enthusiastic statements elsewhere. Other members claimed that "conventional" headphone amps (e.g. V-Can) drive the  K1000 "decenty". I second that (I used an old Amity HPA3) and consequently many battery powered amps good for HD600 and the likes may also drive the K1000 "decently". But only the SAC (and others in that league) drive the K1000 with authority, and enough bass for fun.


I would look for a compact, efficient transistor amp with light switching power supply. No class A (sharp cooling fins), no tubes (break), no transformer (heavy). But I don't kow where to find. I mean you need something that also could drive bookshelf speakers in a small room. Some amps (Naim, Cyrus, Musical Fidelity XA1 or XA2) are "half-size", but still too clumsy.

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Thank you all very much. I think enough has been said. To make a wise decision would be to invest in portable, but good headphones (perhaps westone 3 or JH13 pro and something small to drive them, and forget the wonderful AKG k1000 and leave them behind.


Thank you all for your time and willingness to share your knowledge and experience.



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The Portacode?

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Class T amps would work.

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The Winsome Labs Mouse works very well with the K1Ks.  It is small but outputs 40 wpc.   It is, of course, a T-amp and uses a power supply comparable in size to that of a laptop computer.  It is a very well-designed amplifier.   Mouse refers to size, not performance!





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