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Best portable amp for AKG k1000

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I am often on the road and am looking for a good amp to take with me and my AKG k1000.

is there such thing ? if so do you have any experience?


thank you very much.

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do you mean transportable or portable? If you mean transportable that one of the small T-amps are probably the best choice. Good luck if you're looking for portavle.

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I remember Edwood saying he uses the TTVJ Millet Portable Hybrid as his K1000 portable amp. no Idea how the sound is but maybe you can ask him.

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Yes I am looking for portable as in put it in my bag with AKG.

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Lisa III

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I dont think even the lisa will do a decent job of driving the K1000, I actually think DIY is your best option, normally people drive these things with speaker amps and terminate the cans with spades. if you can find a balanced source like one of the upcoming FiQuest balanced output dacs and team that up with 2 x lisa III in dual mono; then you might be getting somewhere ;)


there probably is a transportable battery powered Tamp you could use, but it would involve putting the modules together. many of the kits come mostly assembled and you need to just case it up and provide a power supply. otherwise i'm not sure. maybe the protector would do it, but I havent heard the protector though



where are you planning on using this anyway? the only pics and stories I have heard of people using the K1000 portable are comical joke stories and pics, so that gives you an idea. they dont isolate at all, so you could be looking for a fight using them on public transport or something like that and you would have to crank them to get over the background noise (something the amps are unlikely to have the power to do), bass is a bit hard to come by as it is with K1000 IMO (thus many people team them up with a subwoofer) so add background noise into the equation and I really think this is more trouble than its worth.

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OP, this is a joke, right?

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I use the ttjv portable amp for my dt 48 plus a usb dac stick, sounds nice.

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Originally Posted by itsborken View Post

OP, this is a joke, right?

Why would it be a joke?  Do you not think it's even remotely possible the when the OP says they are "often on the road", that perhaps they have a job that requires a lot of travel and don't feel like taking of a full-sized desktop amplifier with them?

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I don't want to walk down the sidewalk with theese! When I am in a hotel I want to have a time with the music at a very good level.

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Any aother  ideas? Or should I just forget the AKG k1000 and spend the money on JH 13pro ballanced and RSA protector?

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Originally Posted by principd View Post

I don't want to walk down the sidewalk with theese!

Why not?



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A SAC K1000 amp, in principle, is transportable and compact, but it comes with a separate AC/DC adapter, of course requires power and is a heavy beast. Together with AKG K1000 headphones and a worthy dac  (i.e. a Musical Fidelity V-DAC) and probably your laptop you carry a hellofalot gear arround with a huge collection of ac/dc adapters. You may consider that for longer stays with lonely weekends and evenings, but not for hotel hopping.


I often find hotel accomodation "compromised". Chairs in rooms are not comfortable, power sockets are rare or at the wrong places. Hence I end-up listening in bed, in the lobby or at the pool and battery-powered all for which the K1000 would not be ideal for. For good fit your head has to be upright and the K1000 leak music madly.

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The SAC K1000 amp is not really that small when you factor in the large AC power brick as well.  In that case, you might as well transport a Grace m902.


The now discontinued TTVJ Millet Hybrid Portable is pretty much the smallest amp I've ever heard that works well with the K1000 to drive without significant clipping.  Not the best mind you, but quite decent. 



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Shek H1 might work



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