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Originally Posted by tim3320070 View Post

Are the connectors standard mini XLR like this?


Switchcraft TA4F or TA4FL will work on the cable and the corresponding male plugs are "panel" mount in the cans.


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Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post

Does that cable on the LCD-2 poke down into your shoulders when listening in a nice comfy slouched listening position?

The connectors only start hitting my shoulders if I'm looking downwards quite a bit, so while I could listen slouched at my computer fine, I had to be a little more careful while I was folding laundry.  YMMV, but they were also a concern to me, but only really pose a challenge in rather extreme postures or head angles.

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BTW, I have to mention that the cable that Ken made for the LCD-2 opened it up even more than the stock cable, so it's a must to give that a listen.

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Originally Posted by kool bubba ice View Post

To the OP.. Why did you say it's a fact that Ortho's have a better mid range then Dynamic/Electro? It's personal preference.. There is no scientifc evidence to prove that Ortho's have a better mid range over the other two.. That is your opinion, not a fact.. Other wise a good review.

Yes this is a forum where we share opinions.  I do buy it seeing how well my 55$ T50RP handle mid range. None of the dynamics I have heard can make voices so lifelike.


Thanks for the comparison to ED9 now about T1? Do they complement or replace eachother? Require radically different amps you would think so please name what you drive them with.

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Originally Posted by Racio View Post


Yeah thats what I thought at first too! still makes me go wow but I think it probably depends more on what he though of the D7000 in the first place... These LCD-2 are looking better and better though.

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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post I am curious why you must mod all orthodynamics... Is there noone that is good stock :)


There are some vintage ones that sound good stock.  I heard a Yamaha YH-1000 at a meet that sounded really good and it hadn't been modded.  I've read that other unobtainable ones, only slightly rarer than the YH-1000, sound great stock such as the first version of the Fostex T50. 


The vintage Yamahas sound decent stock, they just sound better with simple mods.  The vintage Fostex don't sound that good stock.  Some are very easy to make sound good (T40) some are harder (T20v2).


I have one vintage ortho that I listen to stock, the Yamaha YHD-1.  Others have modded it, or others in the same series,  to make it sound better.


The Yamaha HP-2/YH-2 are simple to mod and relatively cheap which is why it was recommended.  The older Fostex T40 is also in the same camp.  Just make sure you buy one that doesn't have red on the ear cup.  That's the current version that isn't as good.

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oqvist, that's a tough question to answer. It depend on how forgiving you are of electromechanical devices that were built to a price 30 years ago. That's most of the answer to your question right there.


Yes, the NA-market Fostex T50 was good stock, but it's too rare to recommend and there have been disturbing reports of lookalikes that don't sound the same. Besides, many here would call it too bright (it was meant to appeal to fans of electrostatic 'phones of the time, read Stax SR-X). It certainly pointed the way to the modern orthos now being sold by Head-Direct and Audeze, but it's tough to be forgiving of its flaws when you've paid big money for one that would buy one of the socalled Neo Orthos, which are, as you'd expect for 30 years of technical advances, much better and don't really need any modifications unless of course the purchase price has made you really picky. And it should. 


Eventually, the companies that stay with this high-end ortho thing will realize how laughably easy it is to tweak the sound of these 'phones at the factory and they'll offer variants: HRTF (aka diffuse-field), mellow, bright, flat, tilty, and so on. Color code 'em (hot pink for bright, dark blue for depressed and sedated). Heck, they could offer mod kits and even pack them in the box the 'phones come in. Open a little door and slip in a dot, a star-shaped felt insert, an earpad vent, etc etc. Cost: nearly zero.


Some day.


Anyway, do any other orthos sound good stock, I hear you ask. Well, sort of.


scompton's already mentioned the Yamaha YH-1000-- same situation as the T50. For what it'll cost you to get one (~$900), it ain't that good, plus there's a reliability problem.


Many people, like scompton, have enjoyed using the Yamaha YHD-1/2/3 in stock form. They're very mellow and warm (too much for me, but that's me), and the bass is rather fat and loose (ditto), but the ortho goodness shines through. They're not that expensive, they're unique, they have unbeatable style, and you might like them.


Many people also like the current-model Fostex T50RP in stock form. It's not playing up to its potential, certainly, but it's cheap (by current standards) and available whenever you want to buy one. Easy to forgive something for underachieving when it's only ~$60 and built like a piece of pro audio gear, which it is. The problem comes if you ever want to draw the last drop of potential from its overachieving little driver. Do a search for <thunderpants> to get an idea of the effort involved-- that's why scompton warned you away from current production Fostex. The older Fostex ('86 to '06) are, just as scompton said, much easier to modify (and even more affordable when you can find them) but don't sound all that good in stock form. [shrugs] Whaddya gonna do.


Lastly but not leastly, there's the HP-2. Its smooth, laid-back (WAY back) stock sound can be lived with very easily as your ear-brain becomes educated and the need to get past the compromises of Yamaha's 1976 design decisions starts to bite. When that time comes, it's not the easiest ortho to work on, but it's simple and it responds well to simple mods.


That's probably far more than you wanted to know, but it should answer your question and throw some context over the topic.

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Hey Sachu, is the ehha-II going to be released to the public anytime soon?  Which DIY amp do you think pairs best with LCD-2s?  Thanks for being a DIY/Ortho guru :)

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Originally Posted by Silenced View Post

Hey Sachu, is the ehha-II going to be released to the public anytime soon?  Which DIY amp do you think pairs best with LCD-2s?  Thanks for being a DIY/Ortho guru :)

whoa whoa..hold on there..I ain't a guru of nothing dude.. lol


Just love orthos and sniffing solder fumes (got to get that fix! )


No idea about EHHA-2 being released. Cavalli Audio also just went commercial ( or attempting to by the looks of it...see Canjam vendor thread).

The one I heard was a prototype built by dBel84.


Of the current DIY designs, I'd suggest the EHHA-1 or B22. I only have experience with the EHHA_1 with the LCD-2 and for the most part with all the orthos (and my Senn HD580,650) I have owned or heard over the past 2.5 years. It still manages to surprise

me with its attributes.


Kabeer has had good luck with a Cyrus one stereo amplifier as well So that's a route to explore for some. A pass labs F3 or F5 should also do really well with orthos, but that is just a hunch..a good one albeit.

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wow, does that mean there will be no more cavalli DIY designs?

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Whoa there again!  I would not want to presume that and I know nothing more. As of now the EHHA-2 is only a prototype AFAIK and I am not in the loop on things. That is all I said in the above post. 

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Originally Posted by kwkarth View Post

BTW, I have to mention that the cable that Ken made for the LCD-2 opened it up even more than the stock cable, so it's a must to give that a listen.

Amen to that one brother! "Opened" is a good starting point (I have Ken's balanced pair). I agree with that! Even more refinement and a aspirational see-through quality up top. Adds even more dimension that was O.K. to start with, and instrumental layers are even better over the entirety. Nice cable as it doesn't alter frequency, and substitutes more inner speed and naturalness instead. That was a nice offering!


And the really nice part? Is it is settling down rather quickly! Some wire takes forever!

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Sachu, did the Cyrus One and Two amps make it over here to NA? I've been trying to find out.

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I believe Don had one at some point but no longer. 


AFAIk, i don't know of anyone that i know in NA with a Cyrus amp.. Kabeer is busy buying them all up. :D

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Nah, I tried to entice him into buying a Cyrus Two and the temperature of his feet dropped. He's in the midst of a Big Sell-Off. But the consensus is that the Cyrus One is a 25w/ch overachiever, which makes it a prime candidate for driving current-hungry orthos-- apparently, though, not if you live outside the UK. Still, there's some hope that helpful Canada, home of Dare maple-cream cookies, might have been quietly importing Mission and Cyrus gear back in the day. 


UPDATE: Aha, the owner's manual shows multi-voltage capability. They must have reached the NA continent. Now the trick will be to find one for reasonable coin..

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