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Thanks for resurrecting this thread! I've subsequently moved my A5 into the kitchen, where I know work, and there is no humming. I think it's safe to say that the power lines in my apartment are all sorts of old and messed up - like all of its wiring.


The A5 are truly an amazing product.


I'd recommend them 100% (and have, actually, to a few people who bought them sound unheard) to anyone who wants inexpensive, good-sounding, loud speakers.

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Hi bmichael,


If you move the speakers back to the other outlet, can you reproduce the buzzing sound?





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Bought my A5,s from Gumtree thought i had got a great bargain,then i started getting this terrible humming,buzzing noise,i thought they were on the way out,after digging i found that my phone was causing the interference,i had recently switched my sim card and my phone wasnt picking up a 3g signal were my speakers were positioned and swapping to gsm or 2g which caused the interference,you can buy sleeves to cover your connections on the back of the speakers from Radioshack or similar,i just move my phone out the way about 6 feet usually does the trick,just hooked up my A5,s to my mdac running Audirvana from my mac,great sound!!:basshead: 

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