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FS: Dynaudio BM5A Monitors + Auralex Mopads

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I'm putting up my pair of speakers for sale due to money issues. These are a pair of active speakers which means that they're internally amplified. Just hook it up to a preamp and you're set. I've been using them with my EMU 0404 and have been really enjoying them. The speakers are in good condition with only minor cosmetic defects. I put up a picture of the most prominent cosmetic issue. These is a slight paint chip on one of the speakers. I'm throwing in a set of Auralex Mopads as well. The price is $650 shipped ConUS. You can get the E-MU 0404 USB and interconnects along with the speakers for $750 shipped ConUS.


Here's my feedback thread:




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That is one heck of a good deal right there..

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I decided to ship them since there is a place where I can get packaging materials near school. The prices for local pickup are still the same if you want to pick them up. Price is $650 shipped ConUS for the speakers and the mopads. You can add an E-MU 0404 and ICs for another hundred.

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OT, but Dynaudio makes some of the best sounding active monitors out there for the price....I'd so purchase these, but I don't have money!

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These were bought by me on Monday, but the seller has stopped communicating with me since Monday night, so if anyone knows if anything fishy is going on please send me a PM.

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It should be finals week for UCLA although that isn't an excuse.

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Seller responded to my PM's late Thursday evening saying


Quote (doping panda):
I'm sorry I haven't replied recently. I've been busy with finals until yesterday and I was sick all day this morning. I'll try to ship them by tomorrow.



I replied saying


Quote (pomme de terre):
I hope you get better soon, but if these are not shipped today (Friday, June 11th) with a tracking number given to me, then I am going to have to ask you for a full refund.
I hope you can understand how things are on my side.



The seller has not responded since, and I have sent another PM saying that if I do not receive a full refund via Paypal tonight, I will be filing a Paypal claim tomorrow, followed by a charge back with my credit card company.


If anyone has any additional advice with dealing with these matters, please let me know.

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Paypal dispute was opened with doping panda (Jonathan Nguyen, this morning.


If anyone was also dealing with him recently, please be aware of this situation and let me know if he has been responding to you.


I'm hoping he will come through soon with a response and refund, because I have had many great transactions with members on Head-fi and do not want this to make it my last.


Again, if anyone has any advice, please let me know.

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Seller never responded to the Paypal dispute or my emails, so the dispute has been escalated to a claim. I have also contacted my credit company to get the necessary documents to start the chargeback process.

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