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Originally Posted by ProtegeManiac View Post




Personally though, I kinda prefer the ATH-Axx like the A500 over the AD's. I've always liked AT's treble reproduction, and the A's are slightly more extended andalso tend to be less harsh than the more analytical AD's. Plus the aesthetics; no offence but hte AD's aren't virtually pleasing hanging on the rack above the other gear.


It's because the "A"s are "Art" hahaha!

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In anticipation of Halo 3 I am looking to get headphones. In my limited research I selected it down to Turtle beach Ear Force X2 and TRITTON AX360, leaning strongly towards the AX360 (the AX360 can take the XBX360's optical output and do a 5.1 surround sound). Any other recommendations? Thanks
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Thank you, everyone, for your advice. At this point I'm leaning towards getting the MS1i's as well as a set of bowl pads to go along with them.  From what I'm reading, they may go better with my more blues oriented rock than the Grado SR80i would. I'll probably end up trying out the AD700s or something along those lines at some point when I have a bit more cash, but the Alessandros seem the best bet as my first and primary cans for now. Especially because some posts on the forum seem to consider the MS1 to be more on par with the SR225 than the SR80, and it has been so tempting to just jump the gun on it and get the SR225s given the glowing reviews before reminding myself that I *really* don't have the  budget for that.

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Good choice :) Now run while you can!

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Originally Posted by Mr Joboto View Post

Good choice :) Now run while you can!

Do I have to? I mean, those HD800s look pretty nice... And maybe a PS1000... Oh, but then I'd need a decent amp... And I should probably upgrade my source while I'm at it...


Eh, I don't really need to eat for the next year.

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It's too late.

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IMO, MS-1 is the headphone stay in between these 2 headphones (except the soundstage of AD700). I would go for MS-1i :)

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Spelaeus - What you have read is correct. The MS1 w/ bowls is so close to the 225 you would need to a/b them over and over to find the differences. There are differences, but not really enough to justify the cost.

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