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Seeking a manual switch configuration (source?) that will support three audio paths from/to my CPU.

My son and I share a computer, he for gaming, me for general computer stuff including voice recognition. We have two different preferred headphones and would like to simplify (i.e., not crawling under the desk) switching between them.

I am looking for an approach that would permit the physical connection of the two headphones (stereo in/mic out via two each 3.5mm plugs [3 wire] per headphone) and my speaker set (stereo out – this is the ½ way indicated above – using a single 3.5mm plug [3 wire]).

Switching use between the three audio devices (Headphone #1, Headphone #2, and Speakers) would be a switch click away.

I can undertake a DIY project, but it would seem to me that this type of rig can be configured from existing hardware. Basically, it would be an A-B-C switch.

I've been looking on-line but have yet to have a BINGO! moment.

There are some RCA socket based switches on-line. Does adaptation using 3.5mm to dual RCA plugs (splitter) make sense? I'm not sure this would work since using the splitters would indicate 4 sockets per headphone on the switch box.

I am currently configured with a Plantronics (p/n: 67526-01) Audio PC Switch. This works fine for 1 headphone and the speakers.

Are there isolation and cross feedback issues to be concerned with if I DIY?

Observations and sources sought....