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Judging by the pictures those are identical to fischer and brainwavz versions. Jaycar version sounds excellent, no reason to believe it is any different from fischer one. I have had several...bought extra ones for modding purposes. Good thing is Jaycar has not cheaped out on accessories either. It's an awesome deal for the price, headphones+extra earpads+carry case.

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aren't there taxes to import from australia?

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I suppose so. I paid nothing extra because my package slipped through customs. Of course it also depends what is the minimum value for a product to be taxed in buyers country. Here it is 22 euros, used to be 43 euros while ago. Finnish vat is 24% and toll fees are not carried out for products below value of 150 euros... so it would be £32,25x1,24=£39,99     So even if it gets stuck in the customs it will still be considerably cheaper than studiospares or any other version of this headphone.

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Originally Posted by superdux View Post

aren't there taxes to import from australia?

...... and postage, but at that price, it's not a great deal of money. I don't have to pay VAT so I get them for £50 something in UK. The sound is way above that price point tbh. Also, as Beocord says, they come in a case, with replacement pads so it really is a good value headphone.


Quite funny that different companies are doing the same headphone, with the same contents too!!


I noticed another headphone that Fischer do looks like a cheapo I got called an 'Absolutely Extraordinary' headphone from USA (and it appeared on Amazon.co.uk) It has wooden cups and is oblong in shape. Fischer do something very similar as well.


I have the M1000 on its way and the M2000 here from Studiospares which are the same as Fischer FA002 and 003. (One is open and one is closed) The surprising thing is how well they stand up with much more expensive headphones. For instance, going from the M2000 to the Senn HD650 isn't as massive a jump as the cost would suggest!!


I just wish they'd supply a short cable!!!

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Shipping was allready in my calculations. It's £27.25 for the headphones + £5 for the shipping. That is for europeans. Us people ordering from jaycar.com instead of jaycar.co.uk pay more. Local people buying from jaycar.au pay the most. I don't know why it is like that but so it seems...


Jaycar, fischer, brainwavz etc get their headphones from taiwanese company called yoga. Those wooden headphones are from chinese company called esmooth. One of the most common rebranded headphone is fischer audio fa-004. It is originally yoga cd-68. There are cheap rebrands of that headphones such as ace mp68 and maxell retro dj which go for around 15-20usd and more expensive ones such as pro-ject hear it one and razer adaro stereos which are at 100$ price range. Of course it is possible that only the housing is same and drivers would be different or atleast tuned differently but so far I have not heard a single case like that. Pads may change but other than that it's the same headphone with a different brand and a price tag.


It doesn't really matter if the headphones are listed by russian company(fischer) or designed by american school teacher (51studios) in the end it's all built and designed by same chinese people...rest is just marketing bullcrap.

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Thanks Beocord. Very interesting. So the 51st Studios that I have are from the same company? I like those too. Same kind of laid back asound as well. I'm looking forward to comparing the open one that I have with the closed one that should arrive tomorrow. I hear that the closed one is perhaps better.


The only thing I find a little strange with them is the treble can sound slightly odd at first. (Especially if you come from a more piercing headphone) However, after a short while, your brain accepts them and they seem perfectly 'normal'. I'm not quite sure what it is. FR graphs don't look particularly nasty - just rolled down but the treble can seem different if you directly compare with something like a Beyer DT990 which feels really toppy by comparison.


You soon adjust though and they are very unfatiquing to listen to for longer periods.

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The closed headphone is REALLY impressive. It's more open sounding than the open headphone!! The two of them make a really nice matching set actually, with similar sound sigs. The closed one being more open sounding in the treble to my ears.


So it seems the M1000 = FA-003 and the M2000 = FA-002.


The M1000 or FA-0003 is terrific and I really like its evenness from top to bottom, so the Jaycar deal is a real bargain for the closed one. I don't think they do the open version, but imo, it's not quite as crystal as the FA-003.


Although FR graphs show a larger bass hump on the FA-003, it doesn't sound that way. Listening to mens' voices on it doesn't produce a bloom on their sound as so many headphones do. Bass response is really nice and treble is nicely defined without emphasis. Mine is working easily up to 15,000 (on a test with my ears which start to run out of steam any further up) and my daughter is easily picking up at 19,500 on them so they are well extended too.


Found a short cable too ....



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Do the wood types have a strong effect on the sound signature like the Fischer site implies? So if I went with Sapele I should expect a fair bit more bass than Horbeam for example?


I might be getting a pair soon.

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I had the 5-stepped beech cups. Not for long because I preferred the plastic cups with some acoustic foam. Beech cups boosted the upper region, making them fatiguing though sometimes exciting on some songs.

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The differences aren't huge. Unfortunately these cans never really opened up the bottom end for me, even with the wood.


There was an increase in bass, but it wasn't enough to satisfy me.

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Originally Posted by Riza Hawkeye View Post

Do the wood types have a strong effect on the sound signature like the Fischer site implies? So if I went with Sapele I should expect a fair bit more bass than Horbeam for example? I might be getting a pair soon.

It depends just as much on the damping inside the cup. Ask them about that. I would go with a hardwood tonewood, such as mahogany (mogano).
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