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Originally Posted by jensy View Post

A comparison is difficult at the moment - still trying to figure out the best way to get some graph readouts, as my biased is far too strong, considering how much I'm loving this wood.

I want to rant and scream about how much "better" the sound is with them, but the inner technician inside me is saying "easy boy, get some hard evidence that there is a difference at all".


With that answer, I will respect to wait some time for the graphs. :)

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So I just ordered some Jaycar Pro Monitors. They'll be my first real headphones and I can't wait! Any mods that you guys would recommend right off the bat?


Edit: Seems like the Shure HPAEC940 velour pads for the SRH940 are recommended. $25 bucks seems a little bit steep for me for a $70 headphone. Any cheaper ones? Chinese clones maybe? Might just use the stock pads for a while, see how I like them.

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Buy takstar hi2050 headphones. You get headphones that are about same level as jaycar's and you can use takstars velours on jaycars and vice versa.  Takstars are not that much more expensive than buying expensive velour pads from somewhere else... And even though they are...what the heck. Those takstars are only budget headphones that can match jaycars so you can't go wrong :)

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What I ment to say was that I've heard allmost all so called "giant killers" and jaycars and takstars are the best. (with few mods somic mh463 and renkforce cd340 get quite close).

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So I just got my Jaycar's and they came in a Digitech box with a Digitech label on them. Is this normal?

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Yes. Digitech is Jaycar's main supplier.

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What are the sound differences between the TI model and the regular model?

(INB4 "It's been mentioned in this thread already", the thread is 191 pages long.)

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How well do these respond to DAC's?


I've been running my Jaycar's off of my laptop and I'm a bit underwhelmed. Perhaps I just built them up in my head to much. I did a lot of reading and was really excited to try them...thought that they were going to "blow my mind" since these were my first serious pair of headphones. After all the reading, I thought that parts of songs were going to jump out at me that I had never heard before. I thought my positioning in gaming was going to go through the roof. Well, when I tried them, I did like them, and they do sound better than what I'm used to but they're hardly the mind-boggling experience that I was expecting.


So, this leads me to think four things. One, maybe I did just build them up in my head too much in which case I guess it's my own damn fault. Two, maybe they need to burn in more although from what I've read these don't benefit that much from a burn-in. Three, maybe the songs that I'm listening to are just bad quality (although I have been listening to FLAC files and haven't noticed much of a difference). And finally four (and what I think is the most likely), maybe I need to run them off of an external soundcard since I'm just running these off the onboard sound off my laptop right now.


And this brings me here...how do these respond to a DAC/external sound card? Is it worth getting one? Which one would you recommend? Budget is around $50-75. If it's portable that'd be nice but not necessary.



Edit: I also noticed that the sound seems to be more prominent out of the right driver when compared to the left. Reading through the thread quick it seems like this is a fairly common problem. It seemed like a quick and easy fix is "moving the sound to -1 to the left". How would I do this? Do I need an equalizer? If so, what is the most recommended one?

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I like these headphones but they cannot compare with other more expensive headphones out there in my opinion. I use them with Fiio E07K and they behave quite well. I don't usually use them without the Fiio, but they are not very difficult to drive, although laptops are not the best option for listening to music. I think they do benefit from burning a little bit. There's a mod with Dynamat that I would recommend as well, and maybe the velour pads as well.

I don't think I have that balance problem to be honest. Some equalizers give you the option of tune the balance, I think Fiio E07K does as well.

Which laptop as you using?
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An msi GX640 (gaming laptop). They don't sound bad or anything but I feel like they could sound a bit better. I'll definitely check out the E07K. Any other DAC's you recommend I check out?


Where can I find the velour pads? Also, what's this Dynamat mod you speak of?

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I think E07K is probably the best option at that price. For a little bit more you might want to check E17 or ODAC. I will update later with links to those mods.
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Originally Posted by Ashade View Post

Velour pads: Shure HPAEC940
Dynamat mod:


Sorry for the delay.

Have you tried the mods? 

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I have moded my Jaycar with this mod , the result is good , improve some clarity , tight up the bass no more bloat , the down side is the headphone is heavier a little bit but that's ok with me

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Originally Posted by White Lotus View Post

Have you tried the mods? 

Yeah, I have both and I think they are pretty well worth it.
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