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Got my FA003 last week and they have been awesome! But to be fair these are my first pair of high quality headphones... They make me feel kinda sad that I don't have an amp as I need to drive my J3's volume to 85% when listening to them. Moreover, I can't get any improvements from the J3's enhancements, the normal output sounds the best.


Hopefully the FA003 will reach their full potential when my Arrow G2 comes. Any advice for J3 settings or a player that has good synergy with the FA003?


One more week to my DBAs.....

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I was sucked in by the review and lusted after a pair, so I ordered them from Treoo in Singapore.  Immediate delivery - only about a week to Australia, my first impressions were similar (perhaps the box is empty!!), but I am very satisfied with them - a marked improvement on my Sennheiser HD280pro, which cost 50% more.  Being elderly, I can't really review sound, due to some industrial hearing loss, but I know what I like and these are fantastic - I'm going through my music collection and finding nuances in the music that I've never heard before.  My thanks to Head-Fi and LFF for reviewing them

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i can imagine the fa-003s are lightweight.

i bought the fa-004s, and thought the same thing when i picked up the parcel at the post office:  "oh no. the box is empty."

they are the lightest headphones in my stable.  well...  maybe not as light as the portapros.  but close.

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so when are these going to get in stock...  haha

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just ordered one. Can't wait to try it!

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hmm, i may be buying a pair soon!


just to clarify pianist, you're running these straight out of your DAP and not through an amp?

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How much Fischer is there really inside? Everything I write know should be taken with a grain of salt as I cannot confirm (yet) that there hasn't been any change for or by Fischer.




If this Yoga headphone, given to me by Yoga, is the same headphone which you are discussing here (and judging from the technical data, it is) I cannot understand the "hype". It's a not a bad sounding headphone, but mid-fi at best. I can hear the veil that others have found to be present, although I do agree with a lot of the descriptions of it's sound signature. But I use it mainly for loq quiality sources like Youtube/Webradio because of it's forgiving character (but then I am listening to DT880s, DT770-600s and W100s normally...).


I will probably ask Yoga at the IFA how much change there really has been or if it is the exact same headphone. Would be good to know as Fischer has a whole lot of other Yoga-made head- and earphones in their repertoire.



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Interesting...a criticism that seems just...is the 003 just a copy cat and over hyped as well? I'd like to know before I order one!

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i remember reading that the drivers are Fischer's own, so i doubt they sound the same.

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Just ordered a set from bugden audio. I didn't receive any notice of them being out of stock after ordering, but who knows...


I will post my impression on these phones hopefully soon. 

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It's in the details both when you look at the page and when you put it in the cart. It's in bold, too, for that matter.

You will get an 'Order Complete' notification when your item has shipped, and depending on your shipping choice, you will be sent a tracking number.
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"Orders placed until they arrive will be placed on backorder."


I don't understand - are you saying my order was placed on back order? The reason I am confused is because the headphone description doesn't look to be currently updated, it says the headphones "will be back in stock early to mid August"... 

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Gah, the more I read this thread the more interested i become... but these things honestly look quite hideous to me. I know what look they're going for with the soft-touch plastic/rubber, but for some reason it just all looks wrong... they also look monstrously large (that might just be the deep-looking pads...)  can someone post a pic of either the FA-002 or the FA-003 on their heads?

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And could some post of pic with earpads removed, that show the drivers?




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