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HTC HD2 Player

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I am new to the forum, but I have been lingering here for a couple weeks looking for a decent IE phone/monitor, and finally decided on the UE SuperFi 5 Pro. As a professional musician, I am, of course, also a music enthusiast as well. I was stoked to get my new SF5Pros... but my usual music player is the HD2. When I first started using the SF5P's I was a little saddened by the amount of noise I could hear from my player. I then read that the attenuator that was included with the phones would clear that up and I was pleasantly surprised of just how well that solved the problem.


Does anyone have/use this player, and is there any way to improve the sound? I like it ok, but I think it could be better. I was thinking of buying a portable amp/dac, but I don't really want to spend a lot of $$.


Any suggestions? I was looking at the Headroom Total Airhead/bit...



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Does the device have HTC Audio Booster?

Think of it as an audio enhancer like SRS on Windows PCs.


If it doesn't you can find it and install it.


You should also install a custom ROM from XDA-Developers!

Most ROMs have HTC Audio Booster built in.


A ROM is basically what would be referred to as firmware. Or better yet, think of it as an OS. So a custom ROM is like a pre-configured OS - particular programs, tweaks, layouts etc.


It's not wonderful but it can help - test it yourself.






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I find that the HD2 rolls off the bass and upper treble a little bit, so I try to get the Audio Booster to resolve that.


Though you'll have to make a registry adjustment in order to get the Audio Booster to stay effective after playing through each song.

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Now that HD2 runs Windows Phone 7 and Android natively, are there any improvements to sound quality? How does PowerAmp work with HD2? 

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The music player on Windows Phone 7 is far beyond that of either Windows Mobile or Android.


It sounds sufficient. Sound quality is a bit of a moot point since I don't have the resources to do a DBT between the three operating systems, but I personally find the HD2 with Windows Phone 7 + JH13s to be excellent enough for portable use. I doubt the recessed deep sub bass and high treble in the hardware are resolved, though.

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I have android on my htc hd2 and i tried everything from neutron to poweramp , installed beats by dre to improve sq, dsp manager... You name i've done it..

Basically what i want to know is would be an portable amp (my eyes on FIIO e6) help to boost sq and "loudness"?

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