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IEMs without the "stepping noise"

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Are there any IEMs out there that don't make thudding sounds in your ear with each step you take or is that just a limitation of in ear products? I currently use the ADDIEMs and I can't really tolerate that sound when walking.


I don't really have a problem with microphonics though. They're more or less eliminated with the cable run down my shirt.

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Bone conduction. Nothing you can do, with headphones or earphones. However wearing earphones over-the-ear reduces microphonics significantly and it's more effective than a shirt clip tbh.

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The thing that came to mind straight away for me is microphics. Either that or you're experiencing occlusion when you walk (you've got to have a pretty heavy step to get this me thinks). Try a clip, but don't wake it too tight, and loop the cable over your ear if you aren't already doing this or else it's just a matter of what tips you're using.

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Maybe it is microphonics causing it. The cable noise isn't a problem for me though.


I have the problem mostly when walking outside on cement, rather than softer carpet or the like. The problem is exacerbated when I start power walking (which I often do when walking outside).

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Westone's cable deal with those best but the thumping noise is unavoidable. Just gotta get used to them and ignore them. Or you can just haul your HD 800 along while you jog!


edit: I think earbud helps with this, no?

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playingwithfire, you mean regular ear buds as opposed to in ears? I'm pretty sure that eliminates the thumping completely, doesn't it? But those really don't offer any sound isolation.

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Get Shure E2C orange foam tips for your Apple in Ear and you won't have much cable noise anymore, imho, certainly not stepping noise.

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Actually I was thinking about getting some new IEMs with a bit more of a fun signature. I've had a hard time listening to the more neutral ADDIEMs since I got my MS1s. Are there any good IEMs that sound similar to the MS1s that come with tips like those Shures?


Edit: also, any options that aren't disposable? I don't like the idea of having to pull out a new pair every month or so.

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Bone conduction and microphonics are two different things. What the OP described seems more like bone conduction (occlusion effect) when the vibration is carried by the body and amplified due to the seal ear canal chamber. There are three ways to deal with it - 1) walk softly or change to a softer shoe. 2) Get used to it (most people do) and 3) Get custom eartips (or custom IEM), specifically one the has its nozzle section going pass the 2nd band of the ear canal as this will significantly reduce bone conduction as there is where the bony section of the ear canal ends.


Adding shirt clip or wearing IEM over-the-ear can help to fix microphonics, but not to bone conduction.

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I find that after a week or so of wearing a new pair of iems my mind startes to filter out the stepping sound anyway, just persevere with them and you won't notice it. Incredible thing, the human mind.

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M6 would work with orange foam tips too and it's bassier and funner than ADDIEMs. M6 also has one of the least microphonic cables out there and it's over the ear design, which further helps the matter.

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