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bump and recommend reading this rather amusing short thread of hifi history!!!!   i love vintage hifi sound and am expecting a carver c1 preamp any day now.


though im not sure what i should be expecting with all the conflicting views, but after reading the thread i wish i tried  one of bob's tube pre amps and still may if it has mc phono stage like the c1 (that's what got me,  that and the 100 dollar price),,


 but regardless, it will make for a  fantastic addition to my vintage pre amps


this is a great thread


and to add what are the best carver tube preamp models?

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Glad to see he is still making these... hope I can get to hear one at some point.



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Man I'd love to have a pair of those too...but probably beyond my reach.

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I have owned carver products before myself & was rarely impressed with any of it except the Silver seven which I actually never owned but did get a good listen to. I liked the silver seven but it was definately colored. It had a slightly rolled off top end that was sweet but still reasonably detailed. I heard the silver seven t as well in the same setting & it was terribly bright in the lower treble & very hard sounding as a result. I got a chance to hear the lightstar amp after Carver left Carver corp & in that particular setting the lightstar amp was amazing but I couln't afford it.


I had one of his preamps & the carver silver addition amazing loudspeakers. I was not happy with either. The amazing loudspeakers were definately constricted by the cloth bound rear opening & you could actually hear the noise of the air trying to go through the cloth & the associated reduction of bass as a result. These speakers had to move an incredible amount of air  to reach 20Hz. I stripped away the cloth & the noises & bass reduction went away but they were still too polite with my other equipment.


The preamp was really sad. It was the one with the built in tuner. The sound from it was very very bland & constricted. My midfi Onkyo preamp is worlds better than it. It sent the sound though so many bad coupling caps that the only way you could get any sense of soundstage was to turn on the sonic holography circuit & then it was an unnatural sounding one as now instroments were huge beyond belief. I went through & DC coupled everything & that definately improved things durastically but still not to the level of my Onkyo preamp. Each opamp that the signal went through there was 2 electrolytic coupling cap between it & the next opamp in the series. One sitting at the output & anouther one sitting at the input of the next stage. There was several of these opamps in series between the input & output. I checked the D.C. offset & it was very low so I determined that they weren't needed. At least with this mod I could listen & have some sense of a realistic soundstage without having to use the sonic holography. Sound were more real now but still could be bettered by other equipment that was cheaper.


In my opinion the only thing highend to come from the carver corperation was the silver seven vacuum tube amp & given my singular experience with the lightstar amp possibly it as well in the right setting. All his transister power amps were terrible & not only were they terrible but introduces huge amounts of noise into the houshold wiring that made it though all the other sound equipment in the house due to what he called magnetic field power supply which essentially put an triac in front of the powersupply transformer so he didn't have to use suct a large & costly standard transformer. At one time to test my theory I went into Magnolia Hifi & turned off all the Carver power amps (it was a non carver sysem powering the speakers at the time & I tried several different non carver amps at powering the speakers & none could effectively rid the speakers of the buzz)  After turning of all carver poweramps the buzzing noises went away. These noises were quite loud with the carver amps on even though no carver amps were actually in use. Just the fact that they were on was doing the damage.

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I had a Carver front end and blew the amp trying to drive stats. Also sounded pretty dry. It was his standard commercial gear and I moved it out (gave away to a friend).


Not criticizing his talent but not everything he put his name on was worthy of his reputation. I'm speculating that amp would kick serious butt though.


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You guys all know that Bob Carver the man left Carver, the Company, in 1994?  Sunfire is much more representative of his modern products than Carver (the company) is. 

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Deleted due to the fact that I just realized right after posting that I posted largely the same information 3 years ago. Sorry

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Necro thread bumping can be fun.

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