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Live classical concerts?

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Anyone here attend live classical concerts?  Which symphonies/orchestras/groups have you heard before?  What performances?

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Seattle Symphony, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, & Berliner Philharmoniker




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After a lifetime of listening to live classical, the orchestras I've heard are, in no particular order: Berlin Phil (Karajan), Vienna Phil (Bernstein, Abaddo, Maazel), London Symphony (Previn), London Philharmonic (Masur), Prague Philharmonic, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic (Dorati), Jerusalem Symphony (Botstein),China Philharmonic, Munich Philharmonic, Moscow Radio Symphony, St. Petersburg Symphony, USSR Symphony (Svetlanov). For US orchestras:  New York (Welser-Most, Mehta), Boston (Ozawa), National (Slatkin), Philadelphia (Eschenbach, Ormandy), Detroit (Jarvi), Minnesota (Kreizberg, Litton), Cleveland (Maazel, Eschenbach, Welser-Most), Atlanta (Shaw), Dallas (Litton), Utah (Abravanel, Lockhart), Colorado (Alsop), San Franscisco (Thomas), LA (Rattle, Sanderling, Previn, Salonen, Dudamel, Conlon), Seattle (Schwarz), Chicago (Solti) and some I've probably forgotten and then many lesser, regional orchestras. I started a "hobby" several years ago to hear each major orchestra in its home town hall. The problem for many has been that they've got to play something worth traveling for! I won't go the distance and buy a plane ticket and pay for a hotel if they're going to play stuff I've heard a zillion times.

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Impressive list mbhaub !


KKL Lucerne?






I asked about the KKL because I'm aware the concert hall has adjustable acoustics like Philadelphia's Verizon Hall and it's the only major one I could think of that you haven't mentioned . . . well . . . beside Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.


v v v Thanks for sharing!

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After I posted, I also remember hearing Giulini with LA (a Pictures at an Exhibition of a lifetime!), some Polish chamber group with Menuhin, Rostropovich with a local pick-up group, and the London Phil with Tennstedt. Now that last one really had strong memories. I was a brazen youth and fully intent on getting the maestro's signature. So I walked backstage like I knew what I was doing, and came upon his room -- there he was! Smoking and laughing. He saw me and must of known I was a fan or something, invited me in, put a Heineken in my hand and asked me how I liked the concert. Well, it was great. I got about two feet from Guilini but was so awestruck I couldn't say a word. Maazel was friendly, but somewhat aloof. All in all, not bad for living in the American southwest where symphonic music is a low priority.

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Listened to Sarah Chang last month. beautiful performance.

Last night a listened to a performance of Mozart's Exultate (beautiful soprano voice) and his 33rd Symphony. Even better, my son is one of the first violins. (Next to the girl in the far left in the close up). Violin bows cost as much as a Blue Hawaii, one reason I don't have one...


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Congratulations, Gilency.


I've only ever attended DSO concerts.  I had season tickets for a couple of years before I bought my house.  Now I attend a couple concerts a year.  I've seen all manner of performances there.  They paired Mozart's Symphony No. 41 (Jupiter) with Holst's "The Planets" for one of their low cost programs a couple summers ago.  Hilary Hahn performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and Marc Andre Hamelin performing Brahms's Piano Concerto No. 2 were also memorable concerts.

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Originally Posted by gilency View Post

Listened to Sarah Chang last month. beautiful performance.


What did she perform?  With which group?


I had the chance to hear Alice Sara Ott with the SFS last month, an absolutely breathtaking performance of the Liszt Piano Concerto No.1, and she signed my copy of her debut Tchaikovsky/Liszt Piano Concertos album. <3



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I went to a local orchestra once (limburg symphonie orkest). I didn't really like the preformance (the new world symphony), nor did I like the other people there :'). The hall was filled with 70 year olds talking about how special they were for going to the orchestra and how superior classical music is to every other genre out there. Maybe I can get my family to go to the concertgebouw orchestra, that would be great.

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San Francisco Symphony and the Seattle Opera are the one's I've had season tickets for. I'm skipping this year's SFS because the offering's not that interesting. In past years they've had a better mix of old and new.

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Sarah Chang performed with pianist Robert Koenig . She is one of the foremost violinists now days.

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Sarah Chang performed with pianist Robert Koenig . She is one of the foremost violinists now days.

So, she didn't perform a concerto, then?  She plays a superb rendition of the Sibelius Violin Concerto, IMO.  

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Brahm's Requiem with LA Phil and Gustavo Dudamel at Disney Center 2 days ago.


Powerful rendition emphasizing the wonderful acoustics of Disney Hall.

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Bach's St Johns Passion at Disney Hall 2 days ago.

Sublime performance.

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I had season tickets to Symphony Silicon Valley last year and enjoyed every presentation.  The performance of "Spices, Perfumes, Toxins!", a percussion concerto, was particularly amazing live.  I really enjoy their speaker before the concert, who goes over the people and politics of the selections and helps provide some more context to the music.  Very highly recommended.


We went to a local brass ensemble's concerts for a while, and those were also quite enjoyable.

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