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Just use an equalizer with any other decent pair of headphones. Add a huge hump in the bass and midrange.. Voila.  HD 485s.

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Originally Posted by dosquito View Post

btw what are you talking about these "insane prices". I saw $80 buy it now...anyway is 60 dollars shipped a fair price to sell my pair for? working out a deal with a member on here and i'm just looking to pass them on for a fair price

$150.00 or best offer, a few weeks ago I saw someone bid 150$ on one >.>  This user didnt always use or best offer, it was set at 150$ for a time, someone got it, then this one popped up again.



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These are extremly dark, mids are way too recesed and... well at least they are comfy.


i wonder is its a troll thread...


btw mine was 55$ off ebay and it doesnt work it.

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