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RIP Sennheiser HD 485

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RIP: Sennheiser Hd 485, my favorite set of headphones ever.  It is a shame you were never so popular here at head-fi.  You are better than the HD 555, and much more fun and bassy than the HD 595, and not too far off in sound quality.  Sure, your soundstage was tiny, but you were among the chosen few who played every genre well, clearly.  You were lightweight and immensely comfortable, and you even had a detachable cord that is easily replaced with a standard low profile 3.5mm


I salute you Hd 485, you will be missed.  We can no longer purchase you :[

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i disagree about the sound, but hope you and your hd485 have a long happy life together

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can't purchase anymore? you mean Senn's not selling them anymore?

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-.- i just bought one on ebay still waiting.

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  Sennheiser says the HD485 has been replaced by the HD4XX series. Sadly all of the HD4XX series are closed cans. Everyone should email Sennheiser and tell them to bring back HD485.


...bring it back in silver or black.

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I saw a new one here in Hong Kong the other day, at one of the most reliable headphone stores... 

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Originally Posted by Ypoknons View Post

I saw a new one here in Hong Kong the other day, at one of the most reliable headphone stores... 


They are gone everywhere! even at newegg...

Could be a fake the ones you mention? 

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Kingsound selling fakes would be quite the shocker.  Like I've said before, us locals know where the real stuff is and they usually sell fakes - and there really aren't that many fakes for sale locally in HK, much easier to cheat people living overseas. Plus, think of it this way - different countries have different inventory levels, it's like shopping for antiques/classics. 

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finally i got my 485, the sound is bright. a pair of  good headphone.

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There's still quite a number of HD 485 left in local stores in my country. In fact, a lot of the HD 4*5 range remains unsold. I even saw 3 pairs of HD 200 being sold.

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boy you guys really missed the point of the topic


the 485s were retired and killed off by sennheiser...of course you can still buy it used or on ebay for insane prices >.>  I see guys selling it for 180$ now....and people buying it.

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Meh. after getting the 580s I simply can not return to the 485s with any satisfaction whatsoever. anyone who wants to buy mine for a reasonable price pm me. 7.5-8/10 condition

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btw what are you talking about these "insane prices". I saw $80 buy it now...anyway is 60 dollars shipped a fair price to sell my pair for? working out a deal with a member on here and i'm just looking to pass them on for a fair price

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It only remains the ones left on stock....until people buy them all, and RIP.  

BtW, i saw them on a spanish site. 

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