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Originally Posted by tvrboy View Post


For Beyer:

DT = Dynamic Transducer ET = Electrostatic Transducer

Yes, Beyerdynamic made an electrostat, the ET-1000



No, telephone.


"The DT 48 was the first dynamic headphone in the world. It served as a basis for all hi-fi stereo headphones throughout the world.
In 1937 nobody, however, knew that this headphone was suitable as a hi-fi headphone. Therefore, Eugen Beyer called the DT 48 not headphone, but "Dynamic Telephone" which is abbreviated as "DT". It was in 1950 that the headphone and its inventor showed what was really going on: the first public demonstration of an artificial head with the DT 48 took place and the stereophonic DT 48 proved to be the world's first hi-fi stereo headphone! This was an acoustic sensation after 13 years. The DT 48 is still in production and one of the most popular professional headphone for reporters throughout the world! "


And I'd guess the K in AKG means Kopfhorer

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K in akgs is probably "Kopfhörer" - also headphones

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I always thought MDR was Mobile Dynamic Range.

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Originally Posted by SillyHoney View Post

So what about the others?


ATH = Audio Technica Headphone?


AH-D = Audiophile Headphone-Denon?


HD = High Fidelity?


DT = Dynamic Telephone?


SR (both Grado and STAX) = Suck Really


Speaking of ATH, Audio Technica's Ax00 and ADx00 range are they:


AD = Air Dynamic

A = Art



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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post

one easy way to find out: info-cic_(AT)_sony.co.jp


they speak perfect english.

I wrote to them and this is the reply:


Dear Sir or Madam,
Your message has been received by Sony Customer Service, Japan.
Thank you for your E-mail message. Firstly, we sincerely appreciate
your patronage of Sony products for years.
In reply to your inquiry, our comment is as follows,
We avoid the repetition of the same model number of similar line of
other companies and have decided the model number of the product.
When the headphones were released at first, the model number had the
acronym "DR-" (it means "Dynamic Receiver").
And WALKMAN came out, the model number of headphones were changed to
"MDR-" (we guess M stands for "Micro" or "Music"), and it came to
be able to carry to the outside.
Regrettably we could not find the concrete reason. Please understand.
We hope you would kindly understand the above.  Also, your continual
attention to Sony products would be highly appreciated.
Sincerely yours,
Sony Customer Service(Japan) Inc.,
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MDR is "Mort De Rire (=LOL in French) 

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very nice jjmai! so not even SONY knows

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I'm grateful that DR doesn't officially stand for Digital Reference.  Dynamic Receiver is a much more appropriate designation for a headphone.

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MDR stands for Micro Dynamic Receiver. I believe the first ever model to bear that prefix is the MDR-3 that came with the first ever Walkman TPS-L2.


If you ever owned some Sony headphones from the early 80's it tells you that on the Japanese packaging.

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MDR stands for Micro Dynamic Range, as stated in Sony website...(sorry for not giving the link)

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