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It is truly unfortunate if the changes made to the forum lead to the diminished presence, or loss of some of our more experienced members.  While I haven't been here long, I have found the consistency of many of these members, as well as their patience while helping the rest of us has been an anchor in Head-fi's success. 


I appreciate the constant efforts from Jude to maintain the site, improve on it where he can, and ensure that it generally maintains a high standard of respect, but I find the drastic change in the site have dramatically reduced the frequency of my visits and my enjoyment of this community.  I hope that over time I'll get used to the new format, but I can't help feeling that there may have been too great a sacrifice made in changing formats. 

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The new site has been flat out off line a few times since the switch IME. The old Head-fi may have gotten hung up occasionally, but it was always available.

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I am a relatively new Head-Fier, but been here long enough to appreciate the vast well of knowledge manifested in old post and active member contributions. The new site bothers me for many of the same reasons already given here. Its a typical web 2.0 make over, a visual travesty and a GUI down grade with a large force feeding of commercial interests.  Personally I would much rather pay an annual fee to support a site (and already do in some cases), than being force fed marketing and data mined in the process.


How ever I will hang out here for a long long time to come, there is still too much knowledge and info for me to feast on as I build my systems. Its very sad to hear that a lot of the important contributors are abandoning the site. A true tragedy for the community.

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Originally Posted by schwallman View Post

Now when someone says "try using the search button" you can actually say you did


Indeed, it's hard to tell ppl to search nowadays

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My first visit here in a few days. Is it me, or is the site just really draggy now? Just slow to load and scroll?

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Originally Posted by chadbang View Post

My first visit here in a few days. Is it me, or is the site just really draggy now? Just slow to load and scroll?

It's been a little slower for me the past day or two, and I've started having problems with the posting windows under iOS 4.0 with the iPhone 4. I've reported them in the bug fix section. Hopefully, they'll fix those as I get the feeling that a lot more traffic will be from mobiles.

Also, thanks for the kind words, KBI and everyone else. I should be around here regularly again. It's just that I was using the 3G iPhone and the site took minutes to load pages, etc. The iPhone 4 is acceptably fast, but there are some bugs with posting.
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funny thing is that I use Opera mini to Read this site and Safari to post on my iTouch, because Safari takes ages to download the site, but Java on opera doesn't work with the site, but It downloads the site much faster!

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Safari definitely struggles when posting/editing posts on my Mac, but I haven't tried Safari 5 yet.

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I really wanted to get back into Head-Fi but I cannot stomach the adverts; the guys and girls I listened to no longer seem to post. Sorry to put a downer on it all but my eyes hurt.






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I know I only post very rarely, but I do read the forums a lot.


As for the website redesign, what we have here is a perfect example of how not to 'upgrade' a website & forums. It's very sad. Jude says he really cares about the forum users. If that were so he'd have consulted them about the 'upgrade' before doing it. FAIL.


Why were/are there so many bugs? That's what alpha and beta testng is all about. Various trusted forum members should have been asked to help out with the beta testing and give fedback before the new website went fully live. FAIL.


As for the new software itself, well, big con. From a web designer point of view it's a massive FAIL. Does not meet accessibility standards, and does not meet agreed web standards. In order to prove my point, the main front page has 195 coding errors. Honest! If you don't believe mem, check for yourselves. Goto http://validator.w3.org/ and type in the main (or any) head-fi page address. Standards compliance? MASSIVE FAIL.


Seriously, Jude and whoever designd/coded this new site should be ashamed of themselves.


Personally I'd have gone for Joomla with an embeded phpBB forum, and scrapped all the ads. The sponsers probably pay enough to cover the hosting costs, with even some left over as profit!


Oh and please excuse the spelling mistakes. On EVERY other forum I am a member of, my built in forefox spell checker takes care of all that. But not here. Actually, on every other forum I'm on the software works properly. Here, I can't even right click to copy and paste.  That just shows you how crap this software is.


The Head-Fi forum redesign could have been so good. As it is, and as any web designer will tell you, it's a total joke, and one big, massive FAIL. And don't get me started on the backend technology and user interface. Good grief!


Mind you, with 195 coding errors on just the main front page, The only thing I can conclude is that this must be an April Fools joke gone too far.



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It's already been April since Head-Fi got mangled? how time flies... Must say I've kinda gotten used to it. the same way you eventually get used to spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair after a car accident.

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