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Maybe after my paypal has cleared up wanna try an entry level JH5 pro on my list.

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Originally Posted by zenpunk View Post

W1000x, H650, K702, T1, JVC DX1000, LCD2 in that order. For now. 

why take so long to go to the LCD-2?


for what it is worth i sold my HD 600 and K702 and kept the W1000x. Granted, I do miss my HD 600 a fair bit... the tonality was awesome, and with a decent amp bass was satisfactory. Good riddance to the K702 though... seriously.


The W1000X is just... so rich, so moving and so awesome... and gorgeous. It is definitely not the best headphone, out there these days, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them to death. I still find the way they attack to be perfect. Hard to describe it.


My DX 700 is quite nice, but I highly doubt the DX 1000 is worth the entry price. Very poor build quality on these JVC headphones (minus cable I suppose). They dig deep, and have a very satisfying soundstage... but not exactly what I would expect for the price. I was lucky enough to get my DX 700 used, so for what they ran me, they were a pretty good deal.


So, unless you can listen to a DX 1000, I would highly advise against that choice, even though there are many headfiers who love them. They are simply too niche and expensive of a headphone for what you get. Of course unless that sound signature is perfect to your ears.


I am eagerly awaiting my LCD-2... originally was going to go for the T1 like you.


Best of luck

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Maybe if I started to have dreams about my future LCD-2's they would make them faster! 

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I'm not getting anything extravagant, just gonna pick up a Sony XB700.

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I have a pair of Alessandro MS-1i headphones in the post to me currently, but I already want to add other headphones to my just started collection. I'm thinking maybe AKG K701? 

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AKG 702 or a DT990 600ohm ver But i not totally sure yet.

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Gonna get me an MS400 next.

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600 ohms skullcandy's

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Right now, I'm planning to buy some Klipsch Ear phones....and then, I'll go for some Grado phones.

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I will be getting XB700's and RX700's in the same order, hopefully, sometime soon.


Although, I am terribly curious about the M50...


Down the road, I will definitely pick up some AKG K701's.

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Currently have DT880's and HD595. Looking to pickup HD650's next month.

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