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my little station..complete with mouserbox amp..

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Stacks of boxes from mouser and digikey together with a barrel's worth of courier bags from farnell seem to be the staple in a diy'ers domain  =)

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Would show mine but i'v just finished a clean up so nothing left on it other than TV, xbox, skyhd, blu-ray, an Amp connecting them all to some aiwa speakers i found in a skip, pc with its 2 lcds, printer my now tided away toolboxes a glass tank with 500 cockroaches a plastic tub with about 10,000 of a diffrent cockroach, 2 vivaraiums with 3 lizards inside a bookcase and a parts cabinet


I think i went a bit mad when i fitted the worktop not alot of room left in my room for a bed

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See what happens if you leave your desk clean for too long...the wife takes it over!


Desk Mess.jpg

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That is good to know. I shall refrain from leaving clear space.

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I know how you feel.  And they keep asking, "Why won't you clean that up so you can work..."  When really I don't need all that space but dang it, if it it has just a bit of clean area it gets taken.

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Soldering Station and StereoScope.jpg

As you can see its a Mess.  But Like another said, Your space will get used and taken up by house PLANTS! LoL

I guess I should of took a pic of my Kitchen Hutch, you know where the Fine china is suppose to be displayed... Well my FINE CHINA displayed in the cab. is Several circuit boards, amps and many other electronic parts.


I'm currently working on a Hearing Aid, I'm DIY'ing myself.  I've almost complete it  Ill post my In Ear Molds as well.

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Hearing Aid Empty Shells.jpg


Here is the In Ear Molds I've had Custom Made from the Molds I made with my Ear Mold Gun, You can see that under my Profile pictures...

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