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Show me your desk!

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I am curious about what your workspace looks like. How do you organize your tools and parts? I need an alternative to just piling stuff to one side.




As an aside, I find a thin, fine knife like the Opinel in the photo to be much handier than wire strippers when dealing with fancy audio cables.

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You don't seem to have any components there?


I constantly build something, so my desk looks like this:


headphone amplifier maker's desk

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I use the proven method of just piling stuff on both sides.




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Naw, no big projects right now. There's just piles of raw cable lying around the desk and connectors rolling around my parts drawer.


The "both sides" piling method looks promising!

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I don't have pictures right now but I have a 2'x1' pegboard mounted to the wall on top of my little work desk. Gets my tools up and off the desk which (theoretically) should leave more room for doing stuff. Of course, right now it's covered in random parts for three separate projects.

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My desk has no real organisation to it, it's just a card table in my room that I do DIY on and it gradually gets filled with stuff. It's a bit of a mess.

I do tidy it sometimes and pack away my tools, but that's a rare occasion.


The table at the moment:

Work table


I also have DIY spilling onto other surfaces:

DIY overflow

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Wooo arduino volume control and lcd display?

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Originally Posted by nattonrice View Post

Wooo arduino volume control and lcd display?

Yep, that's right, it'll eventually be part of the Opus. I've got the volume and display working OK with a bit of test code, but haven't got a working Opus module yet to hook it up to and control.

And at the back there is what was my EeePC and is now mounted in a frame. Just gotta mount a backing board to protect the insides. You can see the case on the floor in the first photo :p

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DIY Cave


Unfortunately that's about as organized as it gets most days.  It drives me nuts but it's an "it is what it is" situation for now. 

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This pic is a bit old, that stack is a bit larger now with another small bench power supply, another matching DVM (2nd from the bottom), another DSO and a PC.


I don't have much suggestion on organisation, I use lots of boxes to put parts/projects in progress in so you can swap them out on the desk easy enough. Hand tools get piled on the right hand side, makes it kinda easy to get access to them

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This is how it looks today. Just finished two Sigma 11 power supply's.



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My desk is unusually clean today...I'm "in between projects" right now...




I also have a storage cabinet...


Parts Cabinet.jpg

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Not a desk or a work station, more the kitchen table when I can get the time......




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Remember, too clean of a desk is the sign of a sick mind (or so I'm told).

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Here is my freshly cleaned area



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