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It might be a very handy thing if users were able to put a link to their feedback right on their profile page for other members to quickly be able to check their history, rather than having to search the feedback threads or find a post that might have a feedback link in their signature. Just a thought. 


Also, since the format change, any archived forum I've searched (A700 vs A900 for example) with any links contained in the posts to supporting threads, have always taken me to incorrect threads. I'm on a Mac in OSX in Safari, not sure if it's unique to this platform or not. 


I would also like to second (at least by this point) my concern about the speed of pages loading and the difficulty browsing on a mobile device (iPod Touch)


Thanks for any attention to these matters. I quite like the look of the new format, it's just take a little while to get used to the new navigation.