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Rega P5 or VPI Scout

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Hey I'm in the process of deciding which turntable to get. I've gotten in down to these (although I'm still open to other recommendations if you feel like making them).


I'm been reading about the two turntables but I'd still be eager to hear the experiences and impressions others have had with these turntables.


I'm leaning to the p5 because I can get it for $1,400 new (I'm in australia).

Whereas the Scout costs like $3,000 here (I know ridiculous). But I can buy the Scout from America second hand and get a replacement motor for 200 dollars approx so that the table can work on Australia's power. If I get the scout this way it'll come to about 1800-2000 dollars.


My main question would be is the Scout worth that extra 400-600 dollars over the Rega P5?


Thanks in advance.

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Do you know what cartridge(s) you want to use?


Based on experience with a P3, Planar2, and Scout: The rega arm responds better to high compliance carts than the VPI unipivot. Its actually pretty fair to say that in general fixed bearings work better with high compliance carts than unipivots. If your mostly a LOMC guy it probably wont matter as much, but if you want to dabble in grados or older shure carts it could be a killer.

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Well I'll be buying a cartridge when I get the turntable (I don't have one at the moment), so I don't have any preferences when it comes to cartridges

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Nikongod makes a good point. I very much prefer the VPI sound, but it would be best if you could hear them both. They both are very competent.

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Rega is a very plug and play table, especially with the Rega cartridges.  They bolt into the head at 3 points, controlling the position.  The VTA is built into the system.  A non-rega cartridge will require alignment and spacer shims to correct the VTA, as the Rega cartridges are a short bunch. Very well liked, and many upgrade paths (sub platter, platter, arm mods.)


The VPI Scout here in the USA is roughly the same price as the Rega P5 with the upgraded power supply.  The VPI arm is unipivot, which is disturbing to some.  It is very prissy to set up, but once set up is very nice.  VTA is easily adjustable.  Upgrade path is there, just depends on how much you want to spend.


I chose the VPI Scout with Signature Wiring, as I found a special for it at the same price as the regular scout on a site.  They are moving into the Scout II now, and I suppose the regular Scout will slowly fade from vendors.


In your shoes, with the Rega P5 costing half of the VPI, I would chose the Rega, specially if you can listen to is, and get service there in Oz.

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They are both nice tables with great arms.....Like the guys above said, if you can buy and hear the Rega locally and possibly trade up in a few yrs.........go with the rega and a good MM cart. You don't already have a external phono stage do you????? Good luck....You'll love spinning vinyl..

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I got lucky that I'm getting a new VPI Scout for $1200 before tax in a few weeks.  I choose it over the Rega because the VPI offers tons of upgrades and I did like the build quality on the VPI more than the Rega.  

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Thanks with all the advice guys. I've decided I'm going with the P5 because I can get it new and its within Australia so the whole thing is much more convenient


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Enjoy your new table. Have you got a phonostage yet?

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Congrat on the new table and good price! 

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