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Poll Results: Do you want the old forum again?

Poll expired: May 21, 2010  
  • 59% (108)
  • 40% (74)
182 Total Votes  
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all it needs is a slightly higher contrast color scheme.

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I voted no as I think this new layout has a lot of potential. There are many gripes I still have with it at the moment but i'm sure most of them will be ironed out eventually. I am running google chrome at the moment and ads are next to non-existant. A higher contrast scheme is needed IMO and a bit of resizing but in many ways I prefer the new layout. Not all of us have the problem with excessive adverts, maybe I should??




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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

Well I'm sure the admins and mods are working hard to fix all the errors. Making a switch like this is never easy so we should all have a better idea within the next couple weeks how this forum is. I do like some of the features this one has compared to the old ones and if those are incorporated with a forum that functions well then I'm all for it. Something that would be nice and I would pay for is an option to make the discussion boxes and stuff to fill up the entire screen and remove the right side bar area. Either that or options for colored themes would be nice as well.

I don't think that moderators have anything to do with solving the problems.if you look at Hometheatre forums,moderators ARE the one that started a complain thread to address the problems to the dominant hand on the site,Huddler.since the change I haven't seen a moderator post anything,maybe they are frustated just as we are.
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I really think the new Head-fi.org is a great upgrade. Everything works much faster now. I am sure the small issues and bugs here and there will be corrected along the way. I still like this community and the new frame is a fine improvement imho. 

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Been here since about 2007 and another site I visit (OCN) had the same vBulletin type layout.  I prefer that, but there's also features that I really like from this layout.  People simply don't enjoy big change though.  I say give it some time to let it grow on you.  This layout could somehow be more convenient to moderate or even effect costs of the board for the better.  It seems that most of the people complaining anyways aren't contributors, so it's not like you paid for it and it's not what you expected.  Quite simply, deal with it.

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