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Do you want the old forum again?  

Poll Results: Do you want the old forum again?

Poll expired: May 21, 2010  
  • 59% (108)
  • 40% (74)
182 Total Votes  
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I hope this thread doesn't get locked(I have a feeling it will),and I know that this poll will not change anything because as Jude stated he has been working alot to introduce this new layout and he continues to implement it by trying to fix some(many?) problems. I just want to know the results of the poll and if anyone with me that the old VBulletin is better. P.S PLEASE don't bash the new layout or mention it's problems,there is a forum specefied for this,I just want to know your opinions. If this thread continues without comments,that's fine I specifically made it for the poll. The time of the poll is 14 days so that if anyone wants more time to discover it and to 'Burn it in' mentaly:D I saw enough of the new design to make a conclusion that I don't like it,but that's just me. Let the poll begin....
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I like it except for the too much whitespace taken up by threads and forums. I wish things were a little more compact so I wouldn't have to scroll as much. If someone can make a userscript that does this I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Friends list is gone, so are birthdays and social groups. My question is why? Not a happy camper right now

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I would like to know the justification for the change. There weren't people crying out "vBulletin sucks!".

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the changes have already impacted my visitation and posting.  part of me feels its a good thing since i spend too much time on here anyway but i think that may not last

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I'd say, in answering, it depends on how well and quickly positive changes can be implemented.  On the plus side, we have a proper place for products to be listed and a proper means to list it as part of our profiles linked to that. On the negative side, VBulletin had an absolute ton of features, as it's been around for a very long time.  However, I think only a few people took advantage of social groups and the blogs (only 4 people's blogs were kept, for example and all the social groups I was in were used only briefly before people stopped posting in them), though many of the other features, such as RSS feeds for forums will be missed.  I think ultimately Head-fi had to move on from 'just another forum' to something better focussed, so the change is a positive, but difficult step.  I spent all of last year waiting many months for new, just released, but delayed gear to arrive (HD-800s, HF-2s, Symphones Magnums, Phoenix, Ref 1) so, for me at least, I can figure waiting a few months for things to sort themselves out will be worth it, as all the gear was. 

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the question is WHY?i dont remember anyone complained about the old classic style,not a single thread was made to complain about it and no one wanted it to change.the old headfiers that have join date before 2007 will be affected the most because they have been nearly on this site for 6-7 or 8 years and now suddenly everthing changed to the better or to the worse is debatable.

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People in general are slow to adopt new changes. I am still getting used to the new one.

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Don't mind the new style. It's like adapting to the "new" Facebook, always a period of outrage before everyone getting used to the new layout.

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What I don't like is all the stuff on the RHS of the screen. I have to have my head rotated to the left to read everything now, and its annoying as hell after 5 minutes.

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People mentioning the lack of avatars and such, keep in mind that they just set up this new layout and are working out the bugs.

Personally, I highly prefer the old layout. Like others have mentioned, I think the current layout has way too much white space.


I hope that in the future, they'll give us different "styles" to choose from, so people can adjust the layout to suit their preferences.

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appreciate the effort of Jude, but i i just cant get use to this new look. maybe i'm a slow learner.

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I'm welcome to change, and haven't been around that long anyway, so I'm cool with it :)

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The new layout is a mixed bag, but going back seems...backward :D if you used it for some time eventually you'll get used to it. But there are way too much gap between post like crash013 said.


I pretty much flexible, if you guys want to bring back the old layout its fine with me

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It isn't bright. Like, seriously. Turn down your brightness if that's really a problem for you.


I'm good with it. It looks nice, although losing things that the old forum had seems like a step backwards, not forwards.

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