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help choosing a pmp for video use

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Hi, I need a new pmp device for watching video's mainly, preferably cheap 100-140 dollars.

I'd like it to have a long battery life, speaker is a plus, I rather it be sturdy since I'm in the army and stuff tends to break here.

I thought about the Widow G85 or the BMORN BM889 from mp4nation but if you guys have anything different to suggest I'm all ears, thanks !

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For that price range your best bet is a DAP from overseas. I have the Window G85- great picture. It depends on several factors including screen size, movie format. The major difference between the chinese brands like Ramos, Window, Onda and brands in the states like Archos is storage. Most have 8-16GB of storage expandable with a microSD card. Archos players have 160-320GB harddrives. Stay away from Bmorn players also. They are buggy, nonresponsive, and just plain crap.

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just one thing about the G85, I noticed in the review raz gave he had to click several times until the touchscreen noticed the click, and such thing did not occur on the BMORN, how the G85 responsiveness in your experience?

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Just go to Ownta.com. They have a lot of these players and you will definitely find something for yourself.

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The G85 is fine. The touchscreen is resistive so you use more of a tap than a push. It helps to use a fingernail. I agree with the Ownta recommendation. They have pretty much most players. Just make sure to get your item shipped UPS. It arrives in about a week. I am a really big supporter of overseas DAP's. The sound quality is great, and the video quality is pretty top notch. You will see a difference in screen quality with a touchscreen vs. non-touchscreen. The non tends to be sharper. Personally the Ainol brand has consistantly good video quality if you get past the terrible name.

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By the way, most of the brands are set to release new players in the next month. 

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great thanks for the help I'll keep an eye out for the new models next month.

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