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How do they sound ?

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Been told they are identical to the standard edition 8. If so they will sound super mega awesome ;)... My LCD-2/ED 8 combo is so bloody good I just can´t find time to listen to anything else except for my speakers nowadays.


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Yes, I assume they sound identical to the Ed 8 I have (and love).

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I just listened to my Edition 8 Limited. Yes, they are the same Edition 8s on the inside.

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High on my list.  I heard them once and didn't want to like them but i actually did.  The bass was a bit boomy coming from my HD800s but there was something i liked about them.  Now it is actually where my need is.  Would love to get the limited but because i work with special needs kids and the money has dried up for them it has kind of dried up for me too.  Probably have to get standard edition used from someone at one point if possible.  


Muppetface those look great to me, enjoy them.

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Just wanted to load my ED8 pictures...if incase anyone wanted to see the side-by-side with palladium.




















ED8L side by side with ED8P











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Nice pictures. I love my ED 8 as much today as I have ever did. Imagine I once had them for sale

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Sweet pics! Love the Limited Edition 8's. I've been 100% happy with mine.
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Good job capturing the beauty of the box. Ultrasone may charge an arm and a leg, but they really know how to make you feel like you're drowning in luxuriousness.

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How many versions are there ?

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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

How many versions are there ?

Three versions as far as I know.



-Shiny ruthenium-covered surface

-Black Ethiopian sheepskin

-Madras goat leather bag

-Not limited in production




-Brushed palladium-covered surface

-Black ceramic inlay

-Black Ethiopian sheepskin

-Madras goat leather bag

-Not limited in production




-Matte ruthenium-covered surface

-Walnut inlay

-Brown Ethiopian sheepskin

-Deluxe leather storage box

-Limited to 888 units


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Hey Muppetface,  Is the sound the same on all of these.  I know the cheapest was released first, have there been changes that you know of.  I may get a used pair but am hesitant due to recent version sound upgrades.   Thanks

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Ni difference. Though I didn´t like it that much on the V200 I might add.

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Yup, the sound is exactly the same on all three. I owned the ruthenium before I traded up to the limited version, and the differences are merely cosmetic and accessory related. All three feel really luxurious and well built. The comfort and fit is the same on all versions as well.

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